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Maxillofacial Surgery

The branch of medicine that focusses on the reconstruction surgeries of the face, mouth, jaws, head and neck is known as maxillofacial surgery. A maxillofacial surgeon is a doctor who conducts reconstruction and rectification surgeries of the oral cavity along with all types of facial cosmetic surgeries.

You can consult a Maxillofacial Surgeons if

  • You have any disease of the oral cavity (mouth and jaws)
  • You have had an injury in the face, neck or mouth
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some jaw-related surgeries might alter the look slightly of the lower face to a certain extent.

No, they are not the same, however, their line of work is similar. They both help in repair and rectification of injuries due to sudden trauma. Maxillofacial surgeons do not do facelift and eyelid lift surgeries. These surgeries are done by plastic surgeons only.

Yes, maxillofacial surgeons treat jaw dislocation problems along with dental doctors.

A dental surgeon performs all teeth related surgeries such as tooth extraction, root canal, etc. Some surgeries may also include dental trauma/rectification surgeries caused by sudden injuries. However, a maxillofacial surgeon specialises in resurrecting full facial, mouth and jaw-related surgeries which may also include some dental rectifications.

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