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Also Known as Kidney package, Back pain package, Joint pain package
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Curated by Dr Balasubramaniam, the Apollo Kidney Check - Basic test package comprises tests like KFT, albumin serum, complete urine examination, CBC, and protein total serum to monitor if the kidneys are functioning properly. This test is recommended for people who are witnessing symptoms like loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, nausea, frequent urination, swelling in feet and ankles, and muscle cramps.

The Apollo Kidney Check-Essential Test comprises a series of 57 procedures that check for discrepancies in normal kidney functioning. The kidney package assesses the health of the kidneys and checks for the risks of certain disorders.

The kidneys have a crucial role in eliminating the toxins in the blood and filtering out wastes via urine. But there might be instances when one or both of the kidneys might stop working, accumulating waste materials in the body. This waste may alter the chemical balance of the body.

The Apollo kidney check-essential test is a reliable method to check for signs of kidney damage and use further procedures to confirm the nature of kidney disease. Some of the possible causes of kidney failure are as follows:

  • Diabetes: High blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the kidneys and the nephrons, which consist of the filtering unit. This damage causes them to function at a reduced capacity, leading to chronic kidney failure.
  • Acute kidney injury: Reduced blood flow to the kidneys, resulting from vomiting, dehydration, or diarrhoea, results in acute kidney injuries. Usually, it is a minor problem that can be addressed with appropriate medical intervention. If left untreated, acute kidney injury can lead to kidney failure.
  • Genetics: If the patient's family members have some form of kidney disease, chances are that they could also experience it. The kidney package is an excellent method to detect this risk and start early management procedures.

The Apollo Kidney Check-Essential Test is a mixture of blood and urine tests to gauge the condition of both kidneys in the body. The tests contained within this package target the following areas:

  • Kidneys: With 28 kidney-focused tests, it is easy to figure out any existing or emerging problems in your kidneys. This package includes diagnostic assessments like the protein test, complete urine examination and renal profile to check for the concentration of certain compounds in the urine.
  • Blood: The complete blood count is used to check for essential elements like creatinine to assess the health of the kidneys.
  • Liver: The albumin-serum test is used to diagnose albuminuria, a condition characterised by excess albumin in the urine. Increased albumin levels indicate kidney damage since healthy kidneys filter the urine and eliminate albumin from them.

Apollo Kidney Check - Essential Test aims to minimise the long-term consequences of kidney disease.

The warning signs of kidney damage are usually evident with the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue and shortness of breath
  • Decreased urine output
  • Swollen ankles or feet due to fluid buildup
  • Weakness and dizziness
  • Difficulty in falling asleep

If unmanaged, kidney diseases can cause permanent damage to the filtration system, mandating the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant.

faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions

If the kidney is damaged, protein leaks into the urine. High protein concentrations in urine can be detected through the kidney package and help doctors confirm that the filters in the kidneys are damaged.
The Apollo kidney check-essential test uses blood and urine samples to detect abnormal concentrations of proteins and other compounds to confirm the presence of kidney damage. It cannot diagnose the underlying disorder.
People with diabetes are more likely to benefit from the kidney check test package to check for the impact of their treatment and assess kidney functioning. The National Kidney Foundation has also advised individuals over the age of 60 to screen for kidney disease even without relevant symptoms.
The kidneys are located below the ribcage and on either side of your spine. As such, if you experience sharp pain around the middle area of your back, you are likely experiencing discomfort in the kidneys.
Along with restricted blood flow to the kidneys, you can experience a kidney injury due to the following: Blocked urine flow Infections Autoimmune disorders Side effects of certain medications

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