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    Bilirubin is an orange-yellowish pigment compound that is made during the breakdown of your red blood cells. This substance supports the proper digestion of food and exists in the liver bile. A healthy liver will flush out most of the bilirubin from the body.

    If the liver is not healthy, bilirubin will leak into the bloodstream. The substance may even pass out via the urine, turning it dark-coloured. Too much bilirubin buildup in yout blood can increase the risk of several health issues.

    Your healthcare practitioner will order a bilirubin test to measure the levels of the pigment compound in your blood. High levels of bilirubin will turn your eyes and skin yellow and may lead to jaundice, which may further indicate liver disease.

    You can get a bilirubin conjugated (direct) – serum test by Apollo 24|7. This test will help:

    • Determine if your newborn has jaundice which may cause brain damage
    • Diagnose cirrhosis, hepatitis and other liver diseases
    • Monitor pre-existing liver disease
    • Test patients who consume too much alcohol
    • Detect any blockage in the structure that helps carry bile from the liver
    • Identify red blood cell disorders and production problems
    • Evaluate if an individual has drug toxicity

    If the test results indicate high bilirubin in your blood, it suggests that your liver is damaged. The high levels can also be due to certain factors like exercises, medications and specific food products. An elevated reading may also point toward red blood cell disorder.

    Even if your reading is in the normal range, it doesn't ensure the complete wellness of your liver. For example, you may suffer from Gilbert's syndrome, a benign liver ailment that may only bump your bilirubin a little, thus not causing any alarm.

    Moreover, bilirubin is hardly ever found in urine. So, if it is present in your urine, it could very well mean that you have a liver blockage or damage underway.

    This test is crucial in newborns so that a doctor can quickly devise a treatment plan. Otherwise, high bilirubin levels can cause damage to brain cells, eye and hearing problems, developmental disabilities and death. 

    Medically reviewed by Dr. Naveen Polavarapu, Gastroenterologist, Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    There are two different types of bilirubin: Conjugated (direct) - This is when the bilirubin travels to your liver and undergoes chemical changes. It then travels to your intestines before getting dumped through the stool. The typical conjugated (direct) results should be no more than 0.3 mg/Dl Unconjugated (indirect) - This form of bilirubin arises from the breakdown of the red blood cells. It then moves from your blood to your liver.
    A bilirubin test is essential to determine your blood's bilirubin levels. You must get the test if you: Display symptoms of jaundice Experience toxic reaction to drugs Recently got exposed to the hepatitis virus Suffer from low red blood cells or anaemia Have a history of alcohol abuse Have cirrhosis
    If you suspect that you have high levels of bilirubin, then you will notice the following signs and symptoms: Dark urine Abdominal swelling and pain Fatigue Vomiting Nausea Clay-coloured stools Fever and chills Light-headedness and weakness Pain in chest
    Your bilirubin levels may be high due to the following factors: Anaemia Reaction to blood transfusion Viral hepatitis Alcoholic liver ailment Cirrhosis Gilbert's syndrome, which is generally an inherited condition wherein your body is low on enzymes Reaction to toxic drugs Gallstones Strenuous exercise like running in a marathon
    A high level of bilirubin in newborn infants who are no older than two weeks could serve as a sign of: Inherited infection Incompatibility of blood type between the child and the mother A disease attacking the liver Lack of oxygen
    Gilbert’s syndrome is an inherited, genetic liver disease that prevents your liver from processing the bilirubin properly. This eventually leads to its build up in the bloodstream.

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