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Fever Panel ultra

All genderNo special preparation is required
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Total tests included (0)

  • erythrocyte sedimentation rate (esr)
    • peripheral smear for malarial parasite (mp)
      • malaria parasite by qbc method
    • alanine aminotransferase (alt/sgpt), serum
      • c-reactive protein crp (quantitative)
        • typhidot - igm
          • malarial antigen ( vivax and falciparum)
            • malaria vivax antigen
            • malaria falciparum antigen
          • culture - anaerobic (blood)
            • organisms
            • culture
            • microscopy
            • wet mount
            • pus cells
            • epithelial cells
            • organism
            • others
            • gram stain
            • culture preliminary 1
            • culture preliminary 2
            • culture final report
          • complete urine examination
            • sp. gravity
            • transparency
            • glucose
            • ph
            • urine ketones (random)
            • pus cells
            • rbc
            • epithelial cells
            • physical examination
            • centrifuged sediment wet mount and microscopy
            • others
            • crystals
            • casts
            • biochemical examination
            • urine protein
          • complete blood count (cbc)
            • rbc count
            • differential leucocytic count (dlc)
            • total leucocyte count (tlc)
            • platelet count
            • pcv
            • mch
            • mchc
            • mcv
            • hemoglobin
            • neutrophils
            • lymphocytes
            • absolute leucocyte count
            • eosinophils

          Package Description

          Sample type: BLOOD, URINE
          Gender: Both
          Age group: All age group
          Fever is a temporary rise in the body temperature, often due to an illness. Fever is a signal that there is something out of the ordinary is going on in the body. It is very important to rule all the exact cause of fever and start the treatment accordingly, there are many reasons that may cause a fever like infection, heat exhaustion, COVID-19, vaccines and immunizations, cancer, malaria, etc. This package help in diagnosis of malaria, typhoid, blood infections caused by various bacteria and viruses, UTI’s, etc. This package may be useful for those suffering from chronic fever to identify the cause and get treated accordingly, for follow up treatment and response of the person to the treatment.

          Frequently asked questions

          In most adult individuals, an oral or axillary temperature above 37.6°C (99.7°F) or a rectal or ear temperature above 38.1°C (100.6°F) is considered a fever.
          Signs of malaria are similar to flu. That may include: Fever with sweating Chills Fatigue Headache and muscle aches Chest pain, breathing difficulty with/without cough Diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting As malaria progresses, it may cause anaemia and jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes).
          Typhoid usually last between 7 to 14 days, but can be as short as 3 days, or as long as 30 days. If untreated, the illness usually lasts for 3 to 4 weeks, but may be a little longer in a small number of people. Symptoms of typhoid may vary from mild to severe and life-threatening.
          The antibiotic therapy is the only effective way of treating of typhoid fever. And a doctor will prescribe a required antibiotics and dose.
          At night, there is less cortisol in the blood. As a result, the WBC readily detect and fight infections in the body at this time, increasing the symptoms of the infection such as fever, congestion, chills, or sweating. Therefore, you feel sicker during the night.
          UTI (urinary tract infection) is an infection of any part of the urinary system like the kidneys, bladder or urethra. UTI’s usually occur in the bladder or urethra, but more serious infections involve the kidneys. Bladder infections may cause pelvic pain, pain with urination, increased urge to urinate, and blood in urine. Kidney infections may cause back pain, nausea, vomiting and fever. Symptoms may vary from person to person and consult a doctor immediately.
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