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Infertility Comprehensive Panel - Women

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    Infertility is diagnosed in women who engage in unprotected sexual activity regularly and are still unable to conceive. There are several causes of infertility like hormonal imbalance, reproductive disorder, or other health problems. 

    Female Infertility Comprehensive Panel tests can assess the normality of the menstrual cycle, luteal phase deficiency, hormonal deficiency, abnormal follicular development, or endocrine instability. The Infertility Comprehensive Panel tests mentioned below are some main parameters based on which infertility in females can be diagnosed. 

    Infertility Comprehensive Panel Tests - Women 

    • Follicle Stimulating Hormone Test: This hormone is responsible for stimulating the growth of viable eggs during the menstrual cycle. The variation in this hormone throughout the cycle regulates different events inside the ovary. 
    • Luteinizing Hormone Test: This test is an integral part of the female infertility test because it regulates the release of an egg. The luteinizing hormone can be detected in urine and is responsible for irregularity in periods. 
    • Estradiol Test: Estradiol is one of the estrogens produced by the female body. In the female infertility test, estradiol levels rule out menopause, ovarian failure, or genetic disorder. 
    • Prolactin Test: An increase in prolactin levels in women's infertility tests can be due to the absence of pregnancy, which indicates infertility. Several other reasons behind prolactin increase include drug intake, eating disorders, or tumours in the pituitary gland. 
    • Testosterone Total: This test measures the total amount of testosterone present in the blood. Low levels of testosterone may be associated with infertility. This hormone is mainly found in men but can increase in women during infertility or other conditions. 
    • Testosterone Free: Free testosterones are not bound to sex proteins like SHBG or albumin. During the female infertility test, if women are found to have increased levels of free testosterone, then it indicates infertility in women. 
    • Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test: This is an essential parameter in the infertility test for women because it assesses the woman's ability to produce viable eggs. A woman has thousands of eggs in her ovary at the time of birth, but they decline over time. The number of viable eggs indicates a woman's ability to conceive. 
    • Ultrasensitive TSH: Thyroid-stimulating hormones are included in female infertility tests to check if the menstrual cycle is irregular. An irregular cycle can also cause infertility or difficulties in conceiving. 

    Why should you get the Infertility Comprehensive Panel tests done?

    Infertility in women is not a permanent condition unless it is due to genetic factors. It can be managed and reversed with the help of hormone therapy, medications, regular check-ups, and Infertility Comprehensive Panel tests. 

    Ignoring the warning signs of abnormal hormones can cause permanent damage to the menstrual cycle. Furthermore, it can be not easy to revive ovum production and obtain viable eggs for fertilization. Get your Infertility Comprehensive Panel tests done at Apollo247 for quick and reliable results!

    Medically reviewed by Dr Jatin Ahuja, Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha, South Delhi

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