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Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

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    The Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG test) is a test that is used to gauge the level of certain sex hormones in both men and women. This protein produced by the liver attaches itself to the 3 primary sex hormones in both genders. It is SHBG that controls the quantity of distribution of these hormones throughout the entire body.

    These hormones include:

    • Testosterone: It is the main sex hormone in men
    • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT): The second sex hormone in men
    • Estradiol: Type of estrogen that is the primary sex hormone for females

      The job of SHBG is to attach itself to these sex hormones mentioned above. So, the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Test to determine the levels of these hormones based on the quantity of SHBG found in the sample. 

    Generally, the SHBG test, more than anything, is used to measure the level of Testosterone found in your bloodstream. It is one of the most accurate ways to detect an excess or deficit of Testosterone in your body. 

    It checks the Testosterone quantity your tissues are receiving. The SHBG test thus proves essential as low levels of Testosterone in men might cause:

    • Low sex drive 
    • Fertility problems
    • Difficulty in attaining an erection

    Additionally, high levels of Testosterone in women might cause:

    • Growth of excess facial and body hair
    • Acne 
    • Menstrual irregularities 
    • Fertility problems
    • Deepening of voice 
    • Weight gain

    The SHBG test package consists of a single test which requires a blood sample. 

    The Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Test is more effective than a normal total testosterone test. This is because a regular test can show results that seem normal, while the patient is showing possible symptoms of testosterone imbalance in the body. In this case, you will have to undergo a comprehensive SHBG test to accurately gauge the levels of the other 2 sex hormones in your bloodstream. 

    This is perfect when a general testosterone test cannot explain some of your symptoms. This is important as low levels of SHBG might lead to:

    • Obesity 
    • Type 2 diabetes 
    • Acromegaly, or overproduction of the growth hormone
    • Hypothyroidism 
    • Overuse of steroids 
    • Cushing's Syndrome
    • Testicular Cancer for men
    • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for women

    On the other hand, high levels of SHBG might lead to:

    • Hyperthyroidism 
    • HIV
    • Liver disease 
    • An issue in the testicles or pituitary gland for men. 
    • Addison’s disease for women
    • Anticonvulsants
    • Hepatitis

    The SHBG test cost is around INR 2,300 at Apollo 24/7 and the test results are generally dispersed within 48 hours.

    Medically reviewed by Dr. Jasmin Rath, Obstetrics & Gynaecology from apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    Your healthcare provider is going to extract a blood sample from your arm with the help of a small needle. This blood is stored in a vial and then sent to the laboratory for testing. The test results are then available within 48 hours.
    The above SHBG test will pose no such risk to you. But the test includes all the general risks posed by every blood test that uses needles. There is a chance you might even feel a little lightheaded. It will prick slightly when the needle enters your skin, and this part might be sore after the needle extraction. Although, all this depends on how sensitive your skin is and how it reacts to the needle insertion.
    Medicines that directly impact your CNS (Central Nervous System), opioids used for pain relief, medicines without prescriptions and illegal drugs can tamper with the results of your test. Additionally, strenuous exercise or an eating disorder can mess up your test results.
    The SHBG test is done if you show symptoms of testosterone imbalance in your blood. You can use it to diagnose ailments like: Androgen deficiency Hypogonadism
    Blood is used as a sample for the SHBG test.

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    The information mentioned above is meant for educational purposes only and should not be taken as a substitute to your Physician’s advice. It is highly recommended that the customer consults with a qualified healthcare professional to interpret test results

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