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Urine For Calcium/Creatinine Ratio

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  • urine for calcium/creatinine ratio
    • creatinine - spot urine
    • calcium - spot urine
    • urine for calcium/creatinine ratio

Package Description

Sample type:
Gender: Both
Age group: All age group
Random urine calcium: creatinine ratio helps in screening for hypercalciuria (excess calcium in the urine). This determines whether your parathyroid is overactive and whether it is affecting the kidneys.

Frequently asked questions

You should collect random urine in a sterile container. Your doctor may ask to start a urinary collection into a sterile container for 24 hours before attending to the test. The next day, you should submit the collected urine to the lab technician and have a single blood test. The blood and urine samples will be then sent together for analysis and finding out the calcium to creatinine clearance ratio.
This test is used to measure calcium levels in urine. Abnormal calcium levels may indicate a kidney stone or other disease condition.
You may not need any special preparations for this test.
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