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    An allergy is a widespread occurrence due to several allergens in the environment. It is caused by an allergen, usually a harmless environmental substance.

    An allergy can occur due to a change of seasons or an increase in the concentration of pollen grains in the environment. In such a scenario, it is necessary to go for a hay fever test to avoid further complications.

    Since pollen grains are tiny invisible particles, these are present in indoor and outdoor environments. Some of the other causes behind hay fever might be dust mites, mould, pet dander, and tree pollen.

    Apollo 24|7 offers an allergy maxi test panel that identifies the presence of antibodies produced against the allergens. Below are the symptoms to observe before taking the rhinitis test:

    • Itchiness in nose, mouth, eyes, throat, and skin
    • Sneezing episode gets triggered with a specific smell
    • Runny nose and watery eyes
    • Nasal congestion leading to a stuffy nose
    • Dark circle or puffiness under the eyes 
    • Congestion in ear canals 
    • Fatigue and irritability 
    • Constant headache 
    • Soreness in the throat 
    • Loss in the sense of taste or smell
    • Eczema leading to extremely dry or itchy skin with blisters
    • Hives

    There are two types of allergic rhinitis, i.e. seasonal and perennial. A seasonal allergy occurs mainly during the change of season or transition phase of the spring or fall. These are usually outdoor allergens detected using a hay fever test.

    A perennial allergy occurs all year round and can occur due to indoor allergens. However, these allergens can also be diagnosed using a rhinitis test.

    You need to go for an allergy maxi test panel if the following factors trigger your allergic episodes:

    • Cigarette smoke
    • Humidity
    • Air pollutants
    • Wood smoke
    • Industrial fumes 
    • Strong colognes or perfumes
    • Hairspray
    • Chemicals 
    • Rapid change in temperature

    The immune system works on identifying foreign particles that enter the body and neutralising them at the earliest. The immune system might be sensitive to a specific allergen or several allergens. This could result in adverse hypersensitivity reactions that might also become severe.

    A rhinitis test is important to determine the allergen against which your body might react aggressively. Identifying the allergen makes it easier to manage the condition and curate a personalised treatment or management protocol.

    The hay fever test is based on identifying antibodies produced against the allergen during the neutralisation reaction. The allergy maxi test panel utilises the ELISA or flow cytometry technique to assess the concentration of antibodies in the blood.

    The higher the concentration, the more intense the immune system’s reaction against the allergen. Hence, understanding the intensity of the immune system’s reaction can quickly adopt medicines into the treatment protocol.

    Both ELISA and flow cytometry are reliable techniques, but the latter is preferred due to minimal manual error. 

     Medically reviewed by Dr. Jatin Ahuja, Infectious Diseases, Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha, South Delhi.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes. The allergy maxi test panel can detect the underlying cause of all allergies. It is possible to diagnose the sensitivity of your immune reaction against pet furs such as dog hair, cat dander, or any other pet fur.
    Below is a list of drugs that you may be given if your hay fever test finds out extreme sensitivities towards allergens present in the environment: Fexofenadine Diphenhydramine Loratidine Cetirizine Levocetirizine Desloratadine Oxymetazoline Pseudoephedrine Phenylephrine
    The first step is to go for a hay fever test as soon as you notice allergy symptoms. The next step is to be observant about the elements of objects that might trigger an allergic reaction in your body. In addition to this, you can also carry antihistamine or epinephrine to calm down the symptoms for the time being. By installing air purifiers, you can also keep your indoor environment free from allergens.
    No. The rhinitis test is a simple blood test that hardly takes 5 minutes to complete the procedure. It does not require any special preparations like fasting. However, you might have to discuss your ongoing medications with your doctor to avoid getting false results in the hay fever test.
    If you have been ignoring the symptoms and not going for a rhinitis test, you are vulnerable to developing complications like:  Inability to sleep properly Severe asthma symptoms Frequent headaches that require you to take a high dose of painkillers Permanent sinusitis symptoms Frequent infections in the sinus cavity or ears

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