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Colorectal Surgery

The branch of medicine that deals with the disorders of the colon, anus, and rectum is known as colorectal surgery, also referred to as proctology. Colorectal surgeons specialise in this field of medicine.

You can consult a Colorectal Surgeons if

  • You had a surgery recently and the surgical site is not healing the way it should
  • You have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
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Frequently Asked Questions

The major difference is that colorectal surgeons train in general surgery after completing bachelors in medicine (MBBS) whereas gastroenterologists train in internal medicine after MBBS. This means that the former is specialised in surgeries whereas the later may or may not be trained to perform surgeries. In terms of the conditions they treat, colorectal surgeons and gastroenterologists are similar.

Some of the procedures performed by colorectal surgeons are colectomy (removal of parts or all of the large intestine), colostomy, endoscopic surgery, haemorrhoidectomy, internal sphincterotomy, and rectopexy.

You may be asked to see a colorectal surgeon if you have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, or for any disorders of the colon, rectum, anus, and perianal area. "

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