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Quit These Habits If You Wish To Conceive Easily

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on - 16 March 2023, Updated on - 22 May 2024

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The experience of becoming a mother cannot be put into words. It truly is an exceptional journey. If you have made up your mind to welcome a new member to your family, then it is imperative to get your body ready as well. You can never predict which month your pregnancy test will turn positive, but there are a few ways you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. From eating healthy, and tracking your period cycle, to giving up on your unhealthy habits, here are a few habits you must steer clear of when trying to get pregnant.

1. Smoking

Apart from increasing the risk of colon, pancreatic, and lung cancers, smoking can even risk your chances of getting pregnant. Smoking can accelerate the ageing process of the eggs present in the ovary, thereby increasing the risk of infertility and early menopause.

2. Overdo The Exercise

Staying fit and working out is always a good idea. However, strenuous exercise can result in hormone changes that may make it difficult for your ovaries to release or make eggs. In addition, even if you have a healthy weight, intense biking, running, swimming, and aerobics can also hamper the process of conceiving.  However, if you are overweight, then you should perform moderate-intensity exercises to shed the extra pounds to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

3. Excessive Caffeine

While you do not have to cut off your morning cup of coffee wholly, you should definitely try to cut down the number of cups you consume on a daily basis. So, to be on the safe side, it is better not to have more than two cups of coffee daily if you want to conceive. A study showed that drinking beyond five cups of coffee a day is linked to reduced fertility. You must keep in mind that energy drinks, hot chocolate, tea, and specific sodas have caffeine as well and hence have to be consumed within limits.

4. Alcohol

Heavy drinking may affect the process of conceiving as it reduces fertility and increases the risk of premature birth or miscarriage. Therefore, it is advised to cut down on alcohol and shift to healthier options such as fruit juices or smoothies. 

5. Eating Too Much Junk Food

According to research, high fast-food consumption is associated with reduced chances of getting pregnant. Women who suffer from infertility due to irregular periods can benefit from increasing their intake of vegetables, fruits, plant-based proteins and healthy fats and reducing the consumption of processed foods and sugar.

Just doing away with a few unhealthy habits and making small upgrades to your lifestyle can improve your odds of getting pregnant, as well as ensure your optimal health in general.  If you have any questions, 

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Medically reviewed by Dr Sonia Bhatt.


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