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Widal Test ( Slide Method )

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  • widal test ( slide method )
    • salmonella typhi `o`
    • salmonella typhi `h`
    • s.paratyphi a `h`
    • s.paratyphi b `h`
    • widal test (slide method)

Package Description

Sample type:
Gender: Both
Age group: All age group
Widal test (slide method) helps to detect typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever which are collectively known as enteric fever. Enteric fever is caused by the ingestion of food or water which is contaminated by bacteria. This test is performed through the slide method. The widal test is done: • To diagnose typhoid fever • To diagnose paratyphoid fever

Frequently asked questions

To take the blood sample, a tourniquet (elastic) band is placed tightly on the upper arm. The patient is asked to form a fist. This helps in the buildup of blood filling the veins and it becomes easy to collect the blood. The skin is cleaned before inserting the needle in the vein in order to prevent bacteria from entering. After cleaning, the needle is inserted into the vein in the arm and the blood sample is collected in the vacutainer.
Apart from the slide method performed for widal test, the other method performed is the tube agglutination method. However, the slide method provides rapid results as compared to the tube agglutination method which takes about 18 hours.
The bacteria responsible for causing typhoid are Salmonella typhi.
The symptoms of typhoid fever include high temperature, headache, body ache and pains, cough, and constipation.
Typhoid spreads by consuming contaminated food and water. Other ways include using a toilet that was contaminated with bacteria and touching body parts without washing hands, contaminated milk products, having oral or anal sex with a person who is infected from typhoid causing bacteria.
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