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Sexual health - overview

For the overall health and personal well-being of people, sexual health is essential. It requires a specific and positive approach towards healthy sexual relationships and sexuality arising out of physiological states and disease conditions. The ability of males and females to achieve sexual health and well-being depends on the following factors:

  • Access to extensive and detailed information about sexual health and wellness.
  • Knowledge about the risks people go through and their vulnerability to unfavourable consequences of unsafe sexual activity.
  • Live in an environment where sexual health is mutually accepted and promoted.
  • Understand the medical and non-medical conditions related to sexual health.

Sexual health problems are diverse and encompass gender identity, relationships, pleasure, sexual expressions, and sexual orientation. These include adverse consequences, such as:

  • Infections including HIV, STIs and RTIs
  • Infertility and cancer
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Impotency

Various social and personal factors affect sexual health, such as:

  • Legal and sexual rights
  • Values and beliefs
  • Religions, upbringing, and culture
  • People around us and societal expectations
  • Economics status

Sexual health is a significant part of emotional and physical health, and being sexually healthy means:

  • Knowing that sex is an essential part of life.
  • Appreciating and acknowledging sexual rights.
  • Having access to all sexual health information and education.
  • Attempting to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Being able to interact freely about sexual health with other people.

For healthier relationships, sexual health is essential because it adds to your sense of well-being. However, certain disorders may affect the ability to enjoy or have sex in both genders.

The factors that may affect sexual health are as follows:

  • Medicines that affect sexual performance
  • Fear of unexpected pregnancies
  • Heart diseases and cancer
  • Concerns about infertility

Why is sexual health important?

Maintaining good sexual health means you are careful, well-informed, and respectful to yourself and others. Sexual health enables you to take complete charge of the reproductive system and emotional well-being. Education, communication, and safety are some of the components of becoming sexually healthy. Sexual and reproductive health services can:

  • Increase awareness around diagnosis and management of STDs.
  • Understand the common issues related to sexual health including impotency. 

Common sexual concerns in men and women

Some of the most common sexual concerns are:

  • Sexual issues associated with illnesses and medical conditions
  • Low or absent sexual desire
  • Pregnancy and infertility related issues
  • Infections originating from the urogenital and reproductive tract

What conditions do sexual health experts treat?

Sexual health experts treat several conditions, and some of them are: 

  • Infertility: it occurs when a woman cannot conceive after 12 months of unsafe sexual intercourse. Infertility affects both male and female reproductive systems.
  • Urogenital infections: a combination of the reproductive system and urinary tract infections.
  • Impotency: when a man is unable to manage and attain an erection or ejaculate regularly, that’s when impotence occurs. Several factors may contribute including medical, physical and emotional disorders.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: when a man is incapable of keeping a steady erection during sexual intercourse, it is called erectile dysfunction. It can majorly affect one’s sexual activity and life.

Symptoms to look for in women

The most common hormonal imbalance in women of reproductive age is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), symptoms include:

  • Irregular and heavy periods including missed periods or frequent periods
  • Pimples on the chest, face, and upper back
  • Hair loss and skin tags
  • Hirsutism or excessive hair on the face or chin
  • Darkening of the skin
  • Painful sex, vaginal dryness and atrophy.
  • Night sweats and headaches.

Symptoms to look for in men

Testosterone plays a vital role in the development of males. If your body does not produce enough testosterone, it may cause the following problems:

  • Development of breast tissue or gynecomastia
  • Erectile dysfunction and tenderness
  • Loss of muscle mass and bone mass
  • Hot flashes

Why should you visit a sexual health expert?

A sexual health expert addresses all your concerns related to sexual intimacy and feelings, irrespective of age, sexual orientation, or gender. Some men and women usually feel awkward about their sexual shortcomings. A qualified male infertility doctor or female infertility doctor can provide adequate treatment for these issues. They may offer counselling sessions to improve sexual desire. During your visit, you can talk about your current issues and seek guidance from the doctor. Book an appointment with the top sexual health experts at the Apollo 24|7 app or website.

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