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5 Best Exercises and Home Remedies for Neck Pain

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on- 19 October 2022, Updated on - 15 January 2023

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Neck pain is a widespread and massive problem for individuals of every age group. The normal range for neck pain is 0.4 to 86.8%, with a mean of 27 per 1000 population. That's to say, at least 27 individuals in a group of 100 suffer from neck pain. This number changes depending on the participants in a community. For instance, a collection of computer and office workers shows a higher percentage of neck pain.


An average of 50-85% of adults with neck pain never experience complete resolution. Additionally, in some cases, it turns severe, causing sleepless nights. It can occur due to persistent stress, anxiety and depression, or certain diseases like autoimmune disorders. 

Since there's no definite treatment, you can relieve the symptoms with exercises and home remedies.


Exercises for neck pain relief 

Exercises reduce stiffness in the neck region while building muscle strength in the area. With these simple to do yet effective exercises, you can easily alleviate discomfort and reduce your chances of getting neck pain again. 


1. Begin with Head and Shoulder Roll 

These exercises are a perfect warm-up before jumping into other physical activities for pain relief. Start by keeping your arms on your sides and your neck upright. Now, slowly lift your shoulders while rolling them clockwise and counter clockwise.

Repeat the activity ten times in both directions.


2. Head into Seated Stretch 

This exercise is a blessing for desk job workers. All you have to do is sit in a relaxed position with your feet on the ground. Now, place your left hand on your head and gradually tilt it towards the left. Hold it for 30 seconds and release. Do the same for the right side of your neck.


This exercise is brilliant for stretching the levator scapula muscles and mobilising the cervical joints in the back.


3. Advance to Wall Push Ups 

Push-ups are fantastic for strengthening the base of your neck and shoulders. In this exercise, you have to replicate the push-up activity, but this time against a wall. Place your palms on a wall below shoulder level with a 2-3 feet distance in between. Now carefully come closer to the wall without moving your hands as if you're pushing it.


Repeat this activity ten times to reduce tension and discomfort in the upper back and neck.


4. Try out Neck Turns 

For saying 'no' to neck pain, all you have to do is actually say it using your neck movement. In this exercise, keep your chip up and gently turn your head towards the right and then towards the left. Do this five times for each side.


Neck turns help by easing stiffness in the neck sides and upper back area.


5. End with Forward and Backward Stretch 

So far, you have worked majorly on the lateral neck muscles. The forward and backward stretches are specifically for the anterior and posterior muscles.


Start by keeping your chin parallel to the ground. Now, tilt your head forward and hold for 5 seconds. After this, bring your neck back to the original position and push backwards.


Do these movements five times each to enhance flexibility in your neck area.


Home remedies that alleviate neck pain

Other than doing the neck exercises in your breaks, you can also consider quick at-home fixes for pain treatment, such as:


1. Apply a hot and cold compress

Compresses help with facilitating and restricting the blood flow in the neck area. With a cold compress, you can numb the pain temporarily. At the same time, a hot compress will help you with relief from internal inflammation. Keep in mind to apply heat after 2-3 days of ice pack application.


2. Soothe your mind with Lavender oil

Stress and anxiety are major contributors to neck pain. The anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic elements in aromatherapy can offer extreme relief by easing your mind and body.


Massage the affected area for 5 minutes using lukewarm oil. You can also use a blend of different essential oils and lavender to amplify the effect of the anti-inflammatory elements.


3. Pick food high in antioxidants

Neck pain is synonymous with inflammation in the body. You can ensure relief with a diet rich in anti0inflammatory foods containing antioxidants. These antioxidants are the stable molecules that neutralise the free radicals created in the body during metabolic processes. Excess free radicals, or highly reactive electrons, cause oxidative stress in the body leading to chronic inflammation. 

You can infuse your daily meals with fruits such as berries, plums, raisins etc. Moreover, you can also add beans, peas, nuts, seeds and lentils to your diet to reduce bodily inflammation.


4. To be precise 


Neck pain has become a rampant complication in today's day and age. Not only does it cause discomfort, but it also causes an economic burden on society. Every year, patients face extreme productivity loss and leave their jobs due to chronic neck problems.


Since there's no definitive treatment for neck pain, it's best to prevent the onset with lifestyle changes, an anti-inflammatory diet and neck stretching exercises. These physical activities do not demand a major share of your daily time. You can do the neck exercises during your work hours as well.


On top of this, supplementing your diet with nutritious food will help you recover faster and prevent any recurrence of neck pain too.


That being said, if your neck pain is debilitating beyond any tolerance, seek immediate medical assistance to stop the occurrence of any complications.


Consult a Pain Management Doctor


Medically Reviewed by Dr. Dhanunjay Reddy

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