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7 Tips To Manage PCOS Acne

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on- 28 November 2022, Updated on - 24 January 2023

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Acne out of puberty is certainly a struggle everyone has to deal with during their teenage. But acne due to medical conditions like PCOS can be really frustrating to come to terms with. Moreover, individuals with PCOS frequently report that lesions in that area tend to flare up before their period, and their acne frequently takes the form of uncomfortable knots under the skin as opposed to small superficial pimples.

The following article will help you unleash some quick fixes and sustainable remedies to manage acne due to the imbalance of a few hormones in PCOS. Do not refrain from checking out these useful tips to help you look blemish-free.

What Causes PCOS Acne?

In women with PCOS, there is an overproduction of a hormone called androgen. This particular hormone is responsible for the outburst of acne due to an increase in the production of oil in the skin. Acne on the face, back, neck, and chest are common in people with PCOS.

Having acne is something no woman in her 20s, 30s or 40s wants to deal with, but for some, it's a daily struggle. A woman with PCOS has to be 2 times more careful with her skincare routine than an average woman. Because the common causes of acne in general are:

  • Trapped dead skin cells
  • Overproduction of hormones due to medications or pregnancy
  • Excessive production of oil
  • Stress
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Inadvertent use of skincare products and makeup

Remedies/Tips To Manage Acne

Although over-the-counter (OTC) acne treatments can assist with minor breakouts, they frequently fall short in treating hormonal acne. PCOS-related acne can only be cured effectively by treating the root cause, i.e., underlying hormonal imbalance. Consider some of these seven remedies to ease your fight against acne:

1. Befriend Salicylic Acid

As an acid exfoliator, salicylic acid is one of the most effective topical treatments for acne, especially for women who have polycystic ovary syndrome.


  • Treats acne
  • Fights off dead skin cells
  • Reduces sebum secretion
  • Unclogs pores

2. Consider a Retinoid Cream

Retinoid cream is a form of vitamin A that will help you with your PCOS acne-related problems and make your skin look better with regular use. Use the "sandwich method," which consists of a moisturizer, retinoid, and moisturizer, to keep your skin in optimal condition.


  • Unclogs pores
  • Lightens scars
  • Rejuvenates skins
  • Evens our skin tone

3. Don’t Miss Your Sunscreen

Because your skin will become more sensitive as you begin using retinoid cream, serum, or gel, you should begin wearing sunscreen every day. Remember, being exposed to sunlight lessens the product's effectiveness.


  • Prevents skin premature
  • Protect your skin from inflammation
  • Reduces your chances of freckles
  • Reduces skin cancers

4. Say NO to Carbs

Carbohydrates, especially refined carbs (sweets, white bread, white rice, etc.), quickly transform into sugar and raise insulin levels. Lowering carbs can help control weight and normalize hormone levels, reducing oil output and acne. It's best to eat low-glycemic foods.

Did You Know?
A low-glycemic diet helps get rid of acne because it keeps your blood sugar from going up and down too quickly.


  • Boosts insulin sensitivity
  • Controls acne flares
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Reduces fatigue

5. Modify Your Diet

Junk food can cause inflammation in your body contributing to acne.  Consume foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory, like tomatoes, walnuts, spinach, almonds, turmeric, and kale.


  • Boosts energy levels
  • Boosts oxygen
  • Boosts mental and physical health
  • Boosts healing of acne and wounds

6. Shed That Extra Kilo

Weight loss, which can reduce insulin resistance and regulate your period, is also beneficial in managing PCOS acne.


  • Boosts blood pressure
  • Boosts blood cholesterol
  • Boosts blood sugars
  • Boosts sleep cycle

7. Move Your Body

Walking, running, cycling, and swimming are all great forms of moderate exercise that can help women with PCOS. As a result of its beneficial effects on insulin metabolism, acne is reduced.


  • Boosts bones and muscles health
  • Manages PCOS symptoms
  • Boosts mood
  • Promotes better sleep

Final Note 

Acne is a common symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) because the condition triggers an increase in the release of acne-causing hormones. But the good part is they can be effectively managed following the remedies discussed above.

If you think your acne is related to PCOS, talk to your doctor or dermatologist. They may prescribe one or more medications for faster results.

Contact a dermatologist today for acne-free skin!


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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Dhanunjay Reddy B



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