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How to deal with the aftermath of COVID-19?

By Apollo Hospitals- 01 May 2020

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Life after the pandemic

In the changing times, with the increase in infectious & lifestyle diseases, it is all the more important that we create a safe environment and lifestyle for us and our communities. The magnitude of the crisis has been big and there is no laid-out strategy to follow in these difficult times. The world is changing unimaginably and we have to individually create our own strategy for our own people. We cannot neglect the fact that the productive age group generally spends two-thirds of their time in their workspaces along with their colleagues/co-workers. This also gives them ample time for social interactions and learnings from each other. Additionally, social media has been beneficial, if used appropriately. 

These social interactions have always been very beneficial and allow people to emulate each other- in good ways and bad ways. But there are always these “example setters” that most of them would like to follow- provided there is a clear process, a clear objective and the clarity in benefits. What could be more beneficial than the safer and healthier “me” and my family, my community, my neighbourhood and my workspace.

A lot many times, we just procrastinate simpler things in life like washing hands at all times, cleaning our surroundings, taking care of ourselves, eating healthy food, 15-min daily exercising and much more. But when a pressing need is presented to us, all of us as human beings have the tendency to learn and follow. As organizations, it is equally our responsibility to ensure that we present this pressing need for our staff continuously. This would help us to ensure that our staff is healthy, environments are safe and there is perfect harmony leading to more productivity and safety.

If you wish to know how to create safe spaces in the aftermath of COVID-19, you can download the handbook here.

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Coronavirus Updates

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