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International Men's Day: 7 Health Issues Commonly Detected In Men

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Men often consider themselves to be healthy and ignore the early signs of a disease or health problem. A busy work schedule, lots of travelling, and a sedentary lifestyle prevent them from paying attention to themselves. Add stress to the mix and they all become common causes for men overlooking their health. As per a survey conducted in 2021, 46% of Indian men are unhealthy or suffer from some or other illnesses including diabetes and heart problems. However, most people in India are unaware of the common health problems that are more prevalent in men. Therefore, this International Men’s Day, we will highlight some important men’s health issues and how to prevent them.

Health Problems Commonly Seen in Men

Let's discuss 7 of the most common men’s health issues and how to prevent them.

1. Metabolic disorders

Diabetes and obesity are two important metabolic disorders men should look out for. These conditions may lead to lower levels of testosterone and several mental health disorders. Men must adopt a healthy lifestyle, consume a balanced diet, perform regular exercise and reduce stress to prevent these diseases.

For questions related to diabetes and obesity, please consult our diabetologists.

2. Heart problems

According to the American Heart Association, men below the age of 45 tend to have high blood pressure. Heart attacks due to high cholesterol levels, stress and a sedentary lifestyle are common causes of death among men. Engaging in physical fitness with a low-fat diet and avoiding smoke may improve heart health.

Take this simple test to know if you are at risk of heart disease.

For better guidance on keeping your heart healthy, consult our cardiologists.

3. Cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, affecting men more than women. Common cancers in men include skin, prostate, colorectal and lung cancers. Leading a healthy lifestyle and regular screenings can help reduce the prevalence of cancer among men.

To steer clear of this deadly disease, consult our cancer care specialists.

4. Mental health problems

Depression and suicidal tendencies are more prevalent in men. Seeking help, sharing thoughts, engaging in recreational activities and reducing stress will help combat mental health problems.

For pristine mental health, consult our psychiatrists.

5. Erectile dysfunction (ED)

It affects adults and older men, particularly men over 75. ED may cause problems in sexual life and increase anxiety in men. One must take preventive measures like regular exercising, quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol and screening for diabetes and high cholesterol levels to manage and avoid this problem.

For more questions on how to prevent ED, get in touch with our urologists.

Liver disease due to long-term alcohol consumption is a common cause of death in men. It also raises the risk of cancer in them. Seeking help from support groups and engaging in physical activities helps reduce the impact of alcohol on the body.

For expert tips on maintaining a healthy liver, consult our hepatologists.

7. COVID-19

Surveys done during and after the COVID-19 pandemic show that men are affected more than women including severe post-COVID complications. Targeting respiratory health through breathing exercises, walking and monitoring for signs of breathing difficulty are important preventive measures.

To effectively deal with post-COVID complications, get in touch with our COVID specialists.

Men’s health is equally important!

It is vital to understand that men are equally or even more prone to some diseases like diabetes and heart disease in comparison to women. Prevention through awareness and regular screenings with an active healthy lifestyle will reduce the impact of these health problems in the community. If you have more questions,

Consult An Apollo Specialist


Medically reviewed by Dr Sonia Bhatt.

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