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Pregnancy Happiness: Tips to Make it Extra Special!

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on- 30 June 2022, Updated on - 26 October 2022

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Pregnancy can be overwhelming for soon to be parents. However, if you two are preparing and confused about what are the best things that can be done to ensure a smooth pregnancy, you are not alone! Read on to find out the best ways to make this journey extra special!

Enjoy every moment

It is essential to celebrate and enjoy every moment starting from discovering “you are going to have a baby” to dealing with all the pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness. Gradually prepare yourselves to take it as a part of the journey.

De-stress together

Since pregnancy affects both body and mind, research suggests that gestational stress can lead to unwanted health conditions (preeclampsia), miscarriages, and premature labor. Hence,  by any chance, if external stress cannot be avoided then make it a point to watch comedy movies, eat out in restaurants, and go for long drives with music frequently to make the pregnancy memorable and enjoyable for the two of you.

Gather the right information

Read authentic pregnancy-related books and articles with your partner to understand all the trimesters along with post-delivery care. However, books and journals cannot cover all the feelings hence, let the feelings be natural. Most importantly take help from an expert to express feelings and concerns if you wish to. Talk to the best gynecologists in your city from the comfort of home.

Plan a babymoon

Travel to an island to enjoy an outing, swimming, or camping in secluded forests close to nature for ultimate joy and tranquility. This is also known as the babymoon which is known to keep pregnancy-related depression and mood swings around the second trimester at bay. However, make sure to check with your doctor before planning any travel.

Fight gestational diabetes together

In case you have developed gestational diabetes go for walks and practice prenatal yoga together under expert supervision. It's advisable to have a personal yoga instructor for the initial few months pre and post-delivery to prevent infections to the mother and child.

Practice mindful eating

Eat nutritious meals and fruits and avoid very spicy meals to lower the chances of acidity and heartburn. Also, keep a check on your sugar cravings to prevent the chances of gestational diabetes. Continue with vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids during and for at least 4 months post-delivery, along with a healthy diet. Don’t forget to complement your diet with a handful of nuts, citrus fruits and homemade juices daily.

Don’t miss any doctor appointments

Studies say that regular checkups and ultrasounds are an invaluable third eye, however, it cannot see everything. It is important to know the development and well-being of the mother and baby every trimester. As a partner ask and check with the doctor, about what more can be done from your end. 

Get routine blood tests done

Eat different varieties of cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Indian, continental, American, Lebanese, Thai, and Mediterranean dishes. However, get routine blood tests done every three months or as recommended by a doctor to keep a check on kidney, liver and heart diseases.

Avoid allergens

Keep away from soft toys, pets, and certain foods and chemicals as much as possible because they may cause allergies. You are encouraged to not visit areas from where one can get dust allergies.

Additionally, use camphor, mosquito repellent creams to prevent dengue and malaria. Lit natural aroma scented diffusers for fragrances in the entire house for a pleasant feeling.

Avoid any kind of mental or physical violence

Research strongly suggests that any kind of maternal distress can have a long-term effect on the mother and child.  As a couple, you are encouraged to do guided meditations and listen to soft music or chantings that can help bind the entire family as a unit. Ensure that there are minimum quarreling and arguments at home for a healthy pregnancy.

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Use organic products

Would-be parents are highly encouraged to use organic products which are free from chemicals to protect the unborn child. One can use mild perfumes and organic products for bathing and taking care of your skin and hair.


From the moment you suspect or get confirmation that you are pregnant, till the moment you hold the baby in your arms. Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride of emotions however, one can easily follow the mentioned tips and adopt healthy practices to make this journey a memorable one together as a couple.

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- Authored by Dr. Tulika Roy


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