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Superfoods for Healthy Hair

2 min read

By - 22 July 2022

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Having healthy lustrous looking hair is every girl's dream, isn’t it? Healthy hair is the crown that we always have on! So, why not look after it and give it all the love and care it deserves? In this blog post, we will walk you through the superfoods you need in order to get those healthy tresses.

Eggs -

Protein plays a vital role in hair growth. It’s no secret that eggs are a great source of protein, but they are also high in vitamin B or Biotin. Eggs also help promote better hair as they are packed with various nutrients such as vitamin A and D, folate, zinc and selenium. In addition, the yolk helps your hair retain its moisture and smoothness.

Almond and Sesame Seeds -

Both nuts and seeds are packed with nutrients that have numerous benefits that contribute to healthier, stronger hair. Full of protein and other nutrients such as vitamin E and B, fatty acids, copper and zinc, they help combat deficiencies that could negatively affect the hair. Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds are a few of the nuts and seeds that you can include in your diet for healthy hair.

Avocado -

A superfood that helps with scalp health and hair growth, avocado is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is full of healthy fatty acids, folate and vitamin K and C, which strengthen your hair. You can choose to have avocado plain, in a salad, on your toast or even in the form of guacamole. It’s absolutely delicious!

Salmon and other Fatty Fish -

A true superfood for healthy hair, fatty fish are high in Omega 3 and also contain protein, vitamin B and vitamin D that can help stimulate hair follicles. Choose between salmon, rohu and pomfret for a dose of nutrients for your hair!

Vitamin C -


Incorporating vitamin C into your diet is always a good thing. From skincare to haircare, vitamin C has numerous benefits. Get your dose of vitamin C from tangerines, guavas, oranges, yogurt (greek), lean meat or legumes for extra nutrition for your hair.


Spinach -

Get your daily dose of greens! We’ve been hearing this since childhood, but now is the time to listen! Rich in iron, folate, vitamin A and C, spinach is a powerhouse of goodness. This leafy green vegetable boosts the production of sebum, an oily, waxy substance that helps moisturise the scalp, keeping your hair strong and healthy.


Here are a few superfoods that play a pivotal role in giving your hair the nutrients and care it needs to stay shiny, smooth and strong! We hope you found this article helpful and have all your questions answered when it comes to choosing foods that are great for gorgeous hair


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