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7 Most-Popular Myths On Weight Loss You Should Stop Believing In Right Away!

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The thought of weight loss crosses the minds of most of us every now and then. While some choose to cut down on food, others try to hit the gym twice a day. However, sometimes, due to the lack of enough knowledge, we end up following several weight loss practices that do not have a scientific explanation. We have got together the 7 biggest myths on weight loss that you have been believing in all this time.

1. Just stop eating if you want to lose weight. 

You do not have to stop eating completely if you wish to lose extra weight! Being in a calorie deficit (which means eating fewer calories than required) along with regular exercising can help you shed those extra kilos effectively. Consulting a dietician for your meal plan can help you manage your calorie intake.


2. Consuming carbs will make you fat.

Not all carbs are unhealthy or cause weight gain. Quinoa contains 70% carbs, however, it is also a good gluten-free source of protein and fibre that improves heart and gut health, while managing blood sugar and body weight. Similarly, raw oats contain 70% carbs, yet they are a rich source of fibre and protein, which aids in weight and cholesterol management. 


3. Consuming fat will make you fat.

Yes, you do need to give up on fats, but all kinds? No! Excess consumption of trans and saturated fats found in baked goods and butter can make you gain fat around the abdomen area. However, healthy fats found in olive oil, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds or oil help in promoting a healthy weight and aid weight loss. 


4. Weight loss supplements help shed those extra kilos.

Studies suggest not all supplements are effective against long-term weight loss, moreover, they can result in serious side effects. A 2018 study on the side effects of one of the most widely consumed weight loss supplements found that it increased the risks of acute liver failure in women and hepatotoxicity in the consumers. So, it is always better to believe in diet and exercise than in supplements.


5. Skipping breakfast will make you lose weight.

Neither skipping nor eating breakfast will help you lose weight. A study on 300+ individuals found no correlation between breakfast habits and weight loss. However, starting your day with a healthy breakfast would keep you full for longer and provide you with the energy to last the day.


6. Snacking is unhealthy and can cause weight gain.

If weight loss is what you have in mind, it is important to snack on healthy food rather than indulging in unhealthy options. A study conducted in 2007 including two groups; one consuming 3 meals a day and one consuming 3 meals and 3 snacks a day; showed no difference in weight loss between the two groups. So, happy ‘healthy’ snacking!


7. Replacing white sugar with brown sugar will help reduce weight.

This is one myth you should stop believing in immediately. The human body processes all types of sugars in the same way and the gut breaks the sugar down into monosaccharides. Almost all types of sugar offer 4 calories per gram, hence, you can keep your sugar consumption as per the calorie-intake range and cut down processed food and beverages with added sugar. 


Trying to lose weight to improve your health is an appreciative effort but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow everything blindly. Either you consult an expert dietician who has years of expertise on this subject and can guide you through a proper weight loss regime or you can simply manage your own calorie intake chart and tally it with the number of calories you are burning throughout the day. 

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