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What are the symptoms of Coronavirus or COVID-19?

By - 29 April 2020

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Given the current spreading of Coronavirus in the world, many of us may have anxiety about the disease. In this situation, it is important to keep ourselves safe and updated with the right information. The following article by the World Health Organization (WHO) will help us learn about the symptoms of Coronavirus and seek medical help when needed.

The COVID-19 virus affects different people in different ways.  COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and most infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms and recover without requiring special treatment.  People who have underlying medical conditions and those over 60 years old have a higher risk of developing severe disease and death.

Common symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • dry cough.

Other symptoms include:

  • shortness of breath
  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • and very few people will report diarrhoea, nausea or a runny nose.

People with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should self-isolate and contact their medical provider or a COVID-19 information line for advice on testing and referral.

People with fever, cough or difficulty breathing should call their doctor and seek medical attention.

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Coronavirus Updates


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