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Heart Conditions

Heart Attacks Can Occur Without A Warning! Look Out For These Signs

Silent heart attack often goes undiagnosed due to the lack of clinical presentation. Read on to know the possible signs, diagnostic tests, and preventive measures of a silent heart attack.

Heart Conditions

These Lifestyle Changes Can Save You From A Heart Attack

An unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle are major risk factors for heart disease and heart attacks. Read on to know what can help you reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Heart Conditions

Does Your Blood Group Affect Your Risk Of Heart Attack?

People with certain blood groups are at a higher risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, than others. Read to find out which are those blood groups.

Heart Conditions

Have You Heard About Broken Heart Syndrome?

Read how a broken heart can adversely affect your physical and mental well being.

Heart Conditions

Does Stress Increase the Risk of Hypertension and Cardiovascular Problems?

According to a new study, higher levels of stress can increase one’s risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke.

Heart Conditions

Better Heart Care Using the Power of Digital Health

World Heart Day 2021 aims to explore innovative ways to use digital health to improve awareness, prevention and management of CVD across the globe.


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Heart Conditions

Prolonged Night Shifts May Have a Negative Impact on Heart Health

A recent study has found that long-term night shift work can increase the risk of developing atrial fibrillation and coronary heart disease.

Heart Conditions

High Triglyceride Levels and How It Affects the Heart

High triglyceride levels in the blood can increase the risk of developing various heart diseases and metabolic syndrome.

Heart Conditions

What Causes Heart Block in Athletes?

It has recently been reported that continuous endurance exercises can lead to the development of heart blocks in athletes and other sports players.

Heart Conditions

Why You Should Regularly Check Your Blood Pressure at Home

Both high and low blood pressure can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious health consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor blood pressure frequently.