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Heart Conditions

What Does Your Heart Rate Tell You?

The heart rate varies from person to person. It is usually low when resting or sleeping and increases when engaging in physical activity or exercise.

Heart Conditions

This Blood Test Can Tell If You Are Having A Heart Attack!

Heart attacks are medical emergencies that need prompt diagnosis and timely treatment. Cardiac troponin levels play a crucial role in diagnosing and assessing heart attacks. A troponin test accurately determines if a person is experiencing a heart attack. Read on to learn more about this blood test and its significance in diagnosing heart attacks.

Heart Conditions

How To Perform CPR? Here’s All You Need To Know

CPR is an emergency technique that can help save lives in cases of cardiac arrest. Keep reading to find out more about how you can make yourself useful when a situation does arise.

Heart Conditions

7 Signs Of Heart Disease That Appear On The Skin

Heart disease is not a disorder that occurs suddenly. It tends to build itself over months and years. During this time your skin might show signs and symptoms of an underlying heart condition. You mustn't take these signals lightly and seek immediate medical care.

Heart Conditions

Can Heart Disease Run In Your Family?

Lifestyle and age are important factors that affect your risk for heart disease. It can also be passed on through your family members. These conditions do not always show symptoms so you should get regular check-ups depending on your family’s medical history.

Heart Conditions

Sudden Drop In Blood Pressure On Standing? Know What It Means

Postural hypotension is a condition in which your blood pressure suddenly drops when you stand after a period of sitting or lying. It may cause dizziness or fainting. Treatment may vary depending on the underlying cause.


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Heart Conditions

A Hole In The Heart? Know Its Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Atrial septal defect (ASD) is a congenital heart condition that causes a hole between the heart's upper chambers, leading to increased blood flow and potential complications. This article discusses the types, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for ASD, as well as preventive measures during pregnancy.

Heart Conditions

Heart Healthy Diet: 5 Foods To Eat & Avoid If You Have A Heart Condition

The article discusses the importance of a heart-healthy diet, also known as a cardiac diet, in managing heart conditions and reducing the risk of complications. Learn about five foods to eat and avoid to maintain heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart Conditions

Pacemaker For Heart: Know The Types And How It Works

Pacemakers are man-made devices that are supposed to improve the electrical function of your heart. They are installed by doctors and surgeons to solve any electrical malfunctions.

Heart Conditions

6 Eating Tips for Better Heart-health

Choosing a healthy diet, maintaining an optimal weight, doing regular physical exercise, and quitting smoking can significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases.