Dr. Sayan Saha

Dr. Sayan Saha


General Physician Kavach

1+ years experience




English, Hindi, Bengali


Apollo Home Healthcare Ltd

238B, 2nd Floor AJC Bose Road, 238B, 2nd Floor AJC Bose Road, West Bengal

About Doctor

Dr. Sayan Saha, a highly esteemed General Physician with extensive experience, practices at Apollo Home Healthcare Ltd in Kolkata. Dr. Saha, dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare, has completed his medical education. He specializes in addressing a broad spectrum of General Physician Kavach conditions, offering expert services in various areas such as Acute Pancreatitis, Antibiotic-associated diarrhea, Astigmatism, Brucellosis, Chickenpox, Chikungunya, Dengue, diphtheria, Familial Mediterranean fever, Hay fever, Irritation, Jaundice, Malaria, Mouth sores, Postnasal drip, Retinal Detachment, Swollen lymph nodes, Syncope, Urinary tract infection, Wilson Disease, and many more. Dr. Sayan Saha's approach to healthcare encompasses preventive treatment, counseling, and management of diverse medical issues, ensuring personalized care for each patient. His commitment to staying updated with the latest medical trends allows him to provide modern and effective treatments. Patients seeking consultation for Acute Diarrhea Treatment, Asthma, Chronic Pain, or any other medical concern can rely on Dr. Sayan Saha for expert and compassionate care at Apollo Home Healthcare Ltd in Kolkata. If you're seeking in Dr. Sayan Saha is the right choice for expert care and treatment of your needs. Book an appointment today and experience top-notch medical care.

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How can I take an appointment with Dr Sayan Saha ?

To book an online appointment with Dr Sayan Saha, you can visit the app/website of Apollo 24/7, search for Dr Sayan Saha name, and click on the ‘Consult’ button. Once you make the payment and confirm the consultation, your online appointment will be booked for the chosen appointment time.

Where does Dr Sayan Saha practice?

Dr Sayan Saha offers online consultations on our web platform Apollo 24/7 and Apollo 24/7 App. Also, available for physical consultations at the following locations:

Apollo Home Healthcare Ltd,Kolkata

What is the educational qualification of Dr Sayan Saha ?

Dr Sayan Saha is a General Physician Kavach with over 1 Yrs. years of experience and has the following qualifications -MBBS

What languages can Dr Sayan Saha speak?

Dr Sayan Saha can speak English, Hindi, Bengali.

Why do patients visit Dr Sayan Saha?

Patients visit Dr Sayan Saha for General Physician Kavach related problems. To see more reasons visit the doctor's profile on Apollo 24|7.