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The immune system is a complex network of various cells, proteins and organs. One of its primary objectives is to prevent any infection by destroying unwanted microbes. A healthy immune system protects your body by fighting off the invasion of germs, viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, a weakened immune system can make you vulnerable to infections and diseases.

Various factors can affect the status of your immune system, such as:

  • Sleep 
  • Diet 
  • Stress
  • Hygiene

Doctors prescribe immunity panel tests to detect the issues with the immune system if they diagnose any symptoms, such as:

  • High levels of stress
  • Catching frequent colds 
  • Upset digestive system 
  • Chronic inflammation 
  • Autoimmune disorders 
  • Frequent infections

A poor immune system can make you vulnerable to various diseases, some of which can be contagious. For instance, diseases such as COVID, fever, HIV, influenza, meningitis, pneumonia, HPV, etc., are more likely to affect people with a compromised immune system.

The best way to check the health of the immune system is by checking the levels of various antibodies in blood. This also helps to decide if the infection is new or if a past infection has resurfaced. For instance, COVID-19 is usually detected by noticing the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. This is why these tests are called antibody tests or immunology tests.

Comprehensive immunity panel tests are conducted to evaluate various aspects of the immune system like antibodies, vitamins, mineral levels, etc. This provides a much broader overview of the condition of your immune system.

The immunity panel tests can help determine if you have a weakened immune system or not. For your convenience, Apollo 24|7 offers many different types of immunity panel tests.

The Medical Examinations Provided

There are many immunity panel test packages available on the Apollo 24|7 platform. The top immunity panel tests have been categorised in the following manner:

  • Vitamin D - 25 Hydroxy (D2+D3): Also Known as 25-Hydroxy Cholecalciferol, this test is conducted to detect the levels of Vitamin D present in the body. 
  • CD4 Count:  Also known as CD4 lymphocyte count test, this test helps to measure the strength of the immune system in case one has been diagnosed with HIV infection.
  • Troponin T, Quantitative: This test helps detect and evaluate causes of heart muscle injury.
  • TLC,DLC,ESR: Comprising a total of 8 tests, these help determine the actual number, composition and health of WBCs in the blood.
  • ANCA By IF (C - ANCA & P - ANCA): Detection of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies is an established diagnostic procedure for assessing patients who may have ANCA-associated vasculitis.
  • Thyroglobulin: This test is done to monitor the treatment of thyroid cancer and to ascertain if there is any recurrence of the same. 
  • Anti- Ds Dna: This test is done to diagnose lupus erythematosus or SLE, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder. In this disorder, the immune system mistakenly attacks the body's own cells and tissues.

Why Should You Opt for Comprehensive Immunity Panel Tests?

Immunity Panel Tests play a vital role in the detection of infection and the assessment of the overall condition of the immune system. When the doctors suspect certain diseases, they may prescribe these tests based on the signs and symptoms presented by the patient.

Testing the immunoglobulins or antibodies makes it easier to detect the viruses and bacteria, which may otherwise remain undetected. The best thing about the test is that each immunoglobulin is produced in the body to fight separate substances. So, there cannot be any confusion regarding the results.

Immunological tests can also assist in detecting congenital or acquired immune diseases. Moreover, it is also possible to differentiate between the different forms of these diseases and monitor their progression. However, the best reason to avail yourself of these tests is that your doctor will be able to provide practical steps to cure your disease by making an accurate diagnosis.