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Pregnancy is an exciting time for women but it can also be a source of stress and anxiety. A pregnancy test is a simple and effective way to determine if a woman is pregnant. These tests detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in a woman's urine, which is normally produced by the placenta, after a fertilised egg implants in the uterus.

Some common pregnancy symptoms include missed periods, nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, and frequent urination. However, not all women experience these symptoms, as they can also be caused by other conditions.

Women are recommended to take a pregnancy test to confirm their pregnancy. These tests are readily available at drugstores, supermarkets, and online retailers. Home pregnancy tests are easy to use and provide quick results, usually within minutes.

In addition to home pregnancy tests, there are also comprehensive pregnancy packages that include a range of tests and screenings to monitor the health of the mother and foetus throughout the pregnancy. These packages may include ultrasounds, blood tests, and other diagnostic tests to detect potential complications early on.

Tests included in Pregnancy Tests and Packages:

Apollo 24/7 offers a range of pregnancy tests and packages that can help women confirm their pregnancy and monitor their health during pregnancy. Their tests are accurate, reliable, and conducted in a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring women receive the best possible care during this special time.

  1. Free Beta HCG: Free beta HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy by the placenta. This test detects the presence of free beta HCG in the blood, which can indicate a possible pregnancy. 
  2. Total Beta - HCG (TB-HCG): Total Beta HCG is another hormone produced during pregnancy. This test determines the total amount of beta HCG in the blood, indicating a possible pregnancy. 
  3. First Trimester Quad (PLGF + Papp A + Free Beta HCG +Afp+Nt): The First Trimester Quad test combines multiple tests that can screen for potential complications in the first trimester of pregnancy, such as Down syndrome and neural tube defects. 
  4. Pre-Eclampsia Screening, First Trimester: Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy-related condition that can cause high blood pressure and damage organs such as the liver and kidneys. This test is used to screen for pre-eclampsia risk factors and helps to identify the condition early for better management. 
  5. Iron Studies (Iron + Tibc): Iron studies help assess the levels of iron in the blood and measure transferrin saturation, indicating how well iron is being transported in the body. These tests are essential during pregnancy as iron is required for the healthy development of the foetus. 
  6. FSH, LH & Prolactin, Serum: FSH, LH & Prolactin, Serum tests are used to assess the levels of hormones related to fertility and pregnancy. These tests can help to determine if there are any hormonal imbalances that may affect pregnancy. 
  7. Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH): AMH is a hormone that can indicate ovarian reserve in women. This test is important for women planning to conceive as it can help determine their fertility potential. 
  8. Coombs Test (Indirect): The Coombs test detects antibodies in the blood that may attack and destroy red blood cells. This test is essential during pregnancy as it can help identify the risk of hemolytic disease in the newborn. 
  9. Complete Blood Count (CBC): A CBC is a blood test that measures the levels of various blood components, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. This test is vital during pregnancy as it can identify any blood-count abnormalities that may indicate underlying health issues.
  10. Maternal Screening First Trimester- Dual/Double Marker, FMF Approved: As a part of comprehensive antenatal screening, a double marker test or maternal serum screening can determine the possibility of genetic complications in the unborn child.

Why a Pregnancy Test or Package May be Necessary for You?

Pregnancy tests and packages are essential for women who suspect they may be pregnant or plan to conceive. These tests help detect pregnancy early and monitor the health of the foetus and mother at the time of the pregnancy.

The urine HCG test is the most common and simplest way to detect pregnancy as early as ten days after conception. The blood HCG test is more sensitive and can determine pregnancy as early as six to eight days after conceiving. The progesterone test helps monitor the progesterone hormone levels, which are crucial for developing the placenta and the uterus. Ultrasound and nuchal translucency screening help detect abnormalities or complications and surveil fetal growth. Further, amniocentesis is a diagnostic test that helps determine genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities.

Women planning to conceive or feel they may be pregnant should consider taking these tests to ensure a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.