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    German cockroaches are the common insects found in the residential and commercial spaces in damp, humid, and warm areas. These insects are light brown in colour with 13 to 16 mm in length. These pests contain allergens in their faeces, saliva, eggs, outer body coverings, and shedded parts. They are one of the leading causes of respiratory allergenic reactions such as asthmatic symptoms in urban settings. The allergic pathogens are commonly found in bedding and household dust. When a sensitive individual interacts with the cockroach by-products, German cockroach allergy occurs, which triggers an immune response in the body to fight the pathogen.

    The symptoms of the German cockroach allergy are quite similar to house dust or seasonal allergy reactions. It is one of the most common worldwide indoor allergies.

    Usually, the effect of the reaction subsides within a few days of the interaction. However, in certain cases, the symptoms last beyond the usual seasonal allergies duration.

    The most common effects of cockroach allergy include:

    • Coughing
    • Nasal congestion
    • Mild skin rashes
    • Persistent wheezing
    • Itchy throat, nose or eyes
    • Persistent sneezing 
    • Ear infections
    • Sinus infections

    Lack of timely detection can cause severe symptoms in the affected patients, such as:

    • Inflammation in the stomach and intestines
    • Asthma exacerbation in both adults and children
    • Abdominal cramps
    • Vomiting 
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea 
    • Polio 
    • Food poisoning
    • Urinary tract infection and meningitis 
    • Chest tightness and breathing difficulty (especially in kids)

    Upon observation of the symptoms, a medical practitioner recommends a German cockroach allergy IgE blood test to detect the presence of immunity-inducing antibodies. This cockroach (German) allergy test can be conjugated with a skin prick test to determine the severity of the allergic reactions.

    An expert prescribes medical treatment for the allergic reaction post-Allergy Cockroach-German test to alleviate symptoms and manage the reaction in future occurrences. The treatment can include:

    • Over-the-counter medication with antihistamines, nasal sprays, and decongestants to relieve the itchiness of the nose and eyes.
    • Prescription of leukotriene receptor antagonists, desensitisation methods like immune shots, and cromolyn sodium for serious complications.
    • Different dosages of asthma medication and anti-inflammatory medicines with bronchodilators for the patients currently suffering from the disease. 
    • Immunotherapy shots for the long-term impact and reduced severity of the reaction.

    In addition, the medical professional also recommends measures to limit the pathogens' presence indoors. The most effective precautionary methods include:

    • Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene inside the house.
    • Promptly managing dirty and dusty piles of clothes, dishes, papers, or other house objects.
    • Regularly cleaning kitchen counters, stoves, and food tables.
    • Sealing up damp corners and leaks in the house. 
    • Using airtight food containers for storing edibles.
    • Frequent floor sweeping to remove food crumbs and dust.
    • Tightly covering all trash cans.
    • Using repellants, traps, and other measures to kill or limit the access of cockroaches inside the house.

    Apollo 24|7 provides a range of more than 100 laboratories across the country to deliver timely and accurate cockroach (German) allergy tests. With a NABL-certified digital healthcare platform and affordable diagnostic solutions, an infected patient can conveniently receive the German cockroach allergy test results for prompt diagnosis and treatment. 

    Medically reviewed by Dr. Jatin Ahuja, Infectious Diseases, Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha, South Delhi.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    Cockroaches contain Bla g 2 protein components that act as an allergen for sensitive individuals. It is found in saliva, faeces, eggs, and shedding body parts of the cockroaches. Upon interaction with the cockroach by-products, the body produces an allergic reaction comprising sneezes, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.
    The cockroach allergen comes from faeces, saliva, eggs, and the outer body coverings of the insects. These can be easily found in bedding and household dust. In addition, lack of sanitation and hygiene can also lead to allergen presence in food, causing the reaction.
    A comprehensive German cockroach allergy test can be made with skin diagnosis and German cockroach allergy IgE blood test. In the skin test, the physician scratches a portion of the skin and interacts it with cockroach allergen. In the blood test, the professional detects the presence of antibodies to gauge the immune response.
    The symptoms of the allergy vary from one person to another, depending on the sensitivity of the affected person. It includes:  Chronic nose congestion Year-round asthma symptoms Wheezing Coughing Chest tightness and difficulty breathing Skin rashes Itchy nose, throat or eyes Abdominal cramps Vomiting  Ear infections
    The following strategies can help an allergic patient regulate the symptoms and restrict German cockroaches’ infestation: Keeping the house clean, including kitchen counter, floors, sinks, etc. Covering the garbage cans. Using airtight containers for food storage. Consulting pest exterminators.  Fixing leaks and cracks to block the movement of cockroaches indoors.
    The most popular treatment for reaction management includes over-the-counter medications for symptom alleviation. In addition, the experts also recommend allergy and immuno-shots for controlling the severity of the reactions.

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