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Uber Health Check

Also Known as Uber Health Check
All gender10- 12 Hr fasting is required
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    Many of us often make poor decisions. This is especially true when it comes to eating habits, exercise routines, nutrition, and other aspects of daily life. No wonder, we take the health and well-being of our bodies for granted. An Uber health check test and its results can help you stay focused towards maintaining a balanced diet and physical fitness.

    An Uber health check test is a comprehensive medical examination or diagnostic test for your entire body, including your heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs. It intends to evaluate your current state of health and to screen you for any internal abnormalities. The test can also help identify early warning signs of life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, increased blood pressure, digestive problems, etc.

    Everybody should undergo a complete medical examination at least once a year. It will help people learn more about their health and determine whether they have any abnormalities or disorders. Additionally, it might help you identify harmful patterns and drive you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    A thorough Uber Health Check Test has been created by Apollo 24|7 that includes 61 tests broken down into 14 categories. This complete medical examination package consists of the following tests:

    • Fasting glucose
    • Blood urea nitrogen
    • Urine examination
    • Uric acid
    • Nd Creatinine (spot urine)
    • Hemogram
    • Electrolytes
    • Lipid Profile
    • Liver function
    • Thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4, total)
    • Triiodothyronine (T3, total)
    • Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)
    • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
    • Glycated haemoglobin (Hba1c)

    Taking an Uber Health Check test can offer numerous benefits. While getting regular check-ups may seem like an extra, unnecessary investment, however it will assist you in saving money over the long term.

    A routine complete medical examination can help lower the likelihood of requiring far more expensive treatments. It will also aid in averting chronic illnesses. Moreover, it can assist in avoiding unforeseen costs, high hospital bills, and other abrupt expenses. Once an illness has progressed, it becomes more challenging to treat it. With the help of a complete medical examination, a doctor can identify your condition during the initial stages. It allows you the chance to begin treatment before it reaches a critical stage.

    Chronic conditions affect our bodies and minds and interfere with our everyday lives and schedules. The likelihood that you may need to take time off work due to illness or diseases is reduced when you get a complete medical examination done periodically.

    Moreover, a complete medical examination can be used as a progress report if you lead a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to identify areas where you excel and those that require your attention and care. 

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    While opinions vary, it is advisable to have a complete medical examination once a year for people aged 50 years and above. Healthy individuals under 50 can do it once every two to three years.
    A urinalysis is a urine test used to assess and treat several conditions, such as kidney disease, UTI infections, and diabetes. During a urinalysis, the pigment, concentration, and content of the urine are all analysed.
    The amount of glucose in your blood can be measured with a fasting glucose test. You can use this simple, painless procedure to ascertain whether you have diabetes, prediabetes, or gestational diabetes. Blood will be extracted from a vein in your arm using a needle or pinching your finger.
    Fasting is required for a complete medical examination. Your pathologist would typically ask you to fast for 10 to 12 hours.
    A complete medical examination must be chosen by everyone above 35 years of age every two to three years. A full body check can play a key role in the early discovery of potentially life-threatening can help doctors treat or manage the condition.
    The amount of Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) in the blood is determined using a GGT test. While GGT is an enzyme present throughout the body, the liver is where it usually exists. The circulation may become contaminated with GGT if the liver is destroyed. Elevated concentrations of GGT in the bloodstream could indicate liver illness or bile duct injury.

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    The information mentioned above is meant for educational purposes only and should not be taken as a substitute to your Physician’s advice. It is highly recommended that the customer consults with a qualified healthcare professional to interpret test results

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