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Zero Calorie Sweeteners May Cause Heart Attack & Stroke!

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on- 28 April 2023, Updated on - 04 July 2023

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Artificial sweeteners are one of the most popular health products that are sold on the market today. Most of them claim to have zero-calorie benefits that can help in losing weight without any side effects. However, a recent study has shown that consuming erythritol, a sugar substitute, can lead to several heart problems and even death in some cases. In this article, let’s discuss what it is, the risk it poses and should you even consider using it.

What Is Erythritol?

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol which is quite similar to sorbitol and xylitol. It is a carb that is naturally found in several fruits and vegetables. It is almost 70% as sweet as sugar but is considered to carry zero calories according to several experts. It is manufactured artificially and has no weird aftertaste. It does not spike blood sugar. It also has minimal laxative effects when compared to other sugar alcohols.

The New Study: Is Erythritol Safe?

According to a new study, erythritol has been linked to blood clotting, stroke, and heart attack. It was noticed that people with higher blood erythritol levels were at a higher risk of experiencing major health problems such as heart attacks or stroke. 

Upon further examination, it was seen that adding erythritol to whole blood and platelets triggers a much faster clot response than normal. Clotting is a normal process that is performed by the platelets present in our blood to heal physical wounds and cuts. However, ingestion of erythritol massively heightened its process. This can further lead to artery blockage and prevent blood from flowing to your heart and brain.

The findings of this discovery were a mere accident since the researchers were not even looking for it. The sole aim of this research was to find chemicals and compounds in a person’s blood that might help in predicting their risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke in the next three years. They ended up finding this substance that played a big role which was later identified to be erythritol.

Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?

Most medical organisations have given a cautious nod to artificial sweeteners for combating obesity. They are often more than helpful in regulating your body’s sugar intake by lowering the overall consumption of calories. Reducing your calorie count can not only help you lower your weight but can also be beneficial in preventing several heart diseases and diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners have their own set of advantages. However, sufficient data has been accumulated to suggest that you should restrict the use of erythritol as a sugar substitute and look for alternatives. If you are already a patient who has a history of heart and blood problems then erythritol can be a threatening option to go with. It is best to take the opinion of your dietician to learn more about healthier alternatives or in getting personalised recommendations.

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Medically reviewed by Dr Dhanunjay Reddy.


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