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How Can Facial Yoga Exercise Help You Stay Young?

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on - 19 December 2022, Updated on - 21 March 2024

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Everyone is familiar with the practice of yoga, but have you ever heard of facial yoga? Like gymming shapes your body, yoga-inspired facial exercises are believed to tone the facial muscles to help you look younger.

Regular facial workouts tighten your skin and strengthen your muscles. Long-term facial fitness is maintained by these yoga poses. Additionally, they increase blood flow and nourish your skin cells.

When you combine yoga with face, you can truly turn back the clock on your face! Check out this blog post for more on facial yoga!

What Is Facial Yoga Exercise?

Face "yoga" is a method of massaging the face, neck, and shoulders. It has been found to be quite beneficial for anti-ageing of the face. In order for it to work, it stimulates the growth of the muscles beneath the skin. The result is improved blood flow, toned facial muscles, and, with continued use, a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Women between the ages of 40 and 65 who took part in a 20-week facial yoga exercise program and worked out for 30 minutes every day saw an increase in the fullness of their lower and upper cheeks. This means that the fat between their cheekbones and jawbones, which helps shape their faces, was reduced.

💡 Did You Know?

Facial yoga exercise can help you enhance blood circulation, which in turn gives you a healthy glow and reduces stress and tension in your face.

14 Benefits of Facial Yoga Exercise

Here are some benefits that facial yoga exercise provide.

  1. Reduces puffiness
  2. Reduces stress lines
  3. Boosts lymphatic drainage
  4. Boosts circulation
  5. Releases sinuses
  6. Improves under-eye circles
  7. Smoothens wrinkles
  8. Strengthens facial muscles
  9. Boosts oxygen supply
  10. Boosts complexion
  11. Firms jawline
  12. Makes your face looks thinner
  13. Reduces stress
  14. Boosts collagen

💡 Did You Know?

Facial yoga exercise aids in lymphatic flow. It aids in the elimination of toxins or lymph fluid from the skin’s surface. As a result of the increased blood flow and the relaxation of the facial muscles and the improvement in the skin's texture and tone, consistent practice can make one look more attractive.

Interested in learning more? Then read "Face Yoga—Beyond Glowing Skin"

Try These 3 Amazing Facial Yoga Exercise Poses

Yoga for the face is a great way to increase oxygen flow to your cells by stimulating microcirculation. As a result, you'll receive a radiant complexion, less puffiness and sagging in your face, and lessen the effects of time on your face.

1. Smile Yoga

Smiling exercises or yoga not only makes us feel better, but also helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins.

- Start by smiling and stretching the corners of your lips for 10 seconds.

- Loosen up and keep half your teeth visible for 10 seconds.

- Widen the smile for 10 seconds to reveal the teeth's edges. (This increases muscle tension)

- Put pressure on the corners of your smile with your fingers for 10 seconds

- Close the smile halfway with a finger that is resisting the pull, and hold the pressure for 10 seconds.

- With a finger as a barrier, try to force your lips together at their midsections and hold that position for 10 seconds.

💡 Did You Know?

A smile is even more powerful than chocolate! A British study showed that a single smile can make the same good chemicals in the brain as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate.

2. Full-Face Yoga

Get a non-invasive facelift to erase the appearance of wrinkles and restore your skin's youthful glow.

- Slightly open your mouth.

- Make the nose wrinkle and relax the upper lip.

- Slowly pull the upper lip up as high as possible and hold for 10 seconds.

- Focus on the upper lip and slowly bring it down.

- Have your mouth slightly open. Use the middle, index, or ring fingers under the eye on the cheekbone and relax the upper lip.

- Curl the lip slowly up and hold for 10 seconds.

- Curl the lip as high as you can while keeping the finger pressure, and hold this position for 10 seconds.

- Return slowly to the starting position. Take the fingers off and relax.

💡 Did You Know?

Face yoga reduces tension in the face, and strengthens facial muscles.

3. Lip Yoga

In order to achieve fuller lips, you can perform lip exercises to boost collagen production.

Try lip exercise by following these simple steps.

- Slightly open your mouth.

- Make sure your lips, both upper and lower, are relaxed.

- Put the bottom lip in front of the top lip.

- Tuck your top and lower lip in and apply pressure.

Final Note

Yoga for the face is an effective method of staying young keeping flaccid skin at bay. Facial exercises performed on a daily basis did increase the firmness of the skin and the volume of the upper and lower cheeks. If you give it a try for 30 minutes a day, seven days a week, you should see results in about a month or so.

Talk to our dermatologists today if you have any questions regarding facial care, anti-ageing tips, and more!


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Medically reviewed by Dr. Dhanunjay Reddy B

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