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7 Reasons Why You Can Enjoy A Glass Of Red Wine

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on- 18 July 2022, Updated on - 26 January 2024

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No! We are not promoting alcoholism. In fact, we are just trying to unfurl a plethora of health benefits that you might be missing out on by ditching red wine. That doesn’t mean you would go on a spree of emptying one bottle every day. The secret lies in moderation and possibly a glass of red wine a day that actually revs up your health quotient.

Though red wine has a pungent flavour, it has still secured a good amount of consumers in the nation. It was an age-old belief that the grapes-derived liquor is a powerful antioxidant but it has only been confirmed by science quite recently. A study revealed that drinking red wine in moderation might ease hypertension, strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce risks of dementia, improve gut health, and reduce the risk of developing liver fibrosis. So next time you think of taking your beloved on a sweet date, do order some aged, red wine.

Why Relish Red Wine?

Red wine is produced by crushing juicy, dark grapes in a closed tank and then left to ferment for good. Resveratrol, found in grapes’ skin, gives antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to red wine. 

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1. For A Healthy Heart

A recent study on red wine’s effect on cardiovascular health suggested that red wine has cardioprotective effects, which aid in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. However, the Centres for Disease and Prevention (CDC) states that overconsumption of alcohol is harmful to the heart. CDC suggests men should only consume 2 glasses of red wine, while women should only consume one glass a day.

2. To Reduce Hypertension

Since red wine is produced from resveratrol-rich dark grapes, it may increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) (also called good cholesterol) and help reduce blood pressure. Even an old study revealed that procyanidins, present in red wine, can also keep blood vessels healthy. However, this doesn’t indicate that consuming too much red wine will reduce the risk of hypertension; in fact, it can cause the opposite owing to the alcohol content. As we said before moderation is the key.

3. For Improving Gut Health

Research conducted in 2018 suggested that polyphenols present in red wine may act as prebiotics, which helps in improving the gut microbiota and enhance gut health. Yet another study stated that by improving the gut microbiome, red wine may also reduce the risk of heart disease. 

4. To Manage Depression

People often resort to alcohol to deal with stress but studies show drinking heavily may actually worsen depression. However, a study conducted on more than 5,000 respondents over a span of 7 years revealed that people who drank 2 to 7 glasses of red wine per week displayed lower levels of depression.

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5. For A Healthy Liver

Excess consumption of alcohol negatively affects your liver. However, a study revealed that people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) when consumed around 2.5 ounces of red wine per week, displayed lowered liver fibrosis. However, though red wine helps in reducing oxidative stress, it also increases uric acid, which is bad for the liver. Therefore, moderate consumption of red wine is recommended. 

6. To Reduce the Risk Of Dementia

The polyphenols in red wine help reduce inflammation and provide a neuroprotective effect that may reduce the risks of dementia. A report published a few years back revealed that people who abstained from red wine were found to be more at risk of developing dementia.

7. To Better Vision

Research conducted in 2016 revealed that the resveratrol present in red wine can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, thereby improving vision. 

Though red wine comes with some promising benefits, it can’t be treated as an elixir for good health. Red wine contains alcohol, which if consumed in large quantities will do more harm than good. Excessive drinking may give rise to heart diseases, liver issues, psychological changes, cancer, and other incurable diseases. Hence, it’s always advisable to consume red wine in moderate quantities. In case you are already suffering from any chronic condition, it’s better to take supervision from a physician. If you want to assess your health condition and know if red wine can contribute in any way to improving your condition,

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Medically reviewed by Dr Sonia Bhatt.

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