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Is Drinking Ice-Cold Water Bad For Your Health?

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on- 27 April 2023, Updated on - 19 June 2023

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Ensuring proper hydration is crucial for maintaining good health but what should be the temperature of the water you drink? With summers approaching and temperatures rising, you may be tempted to drink chilled water. However, some people believe that drinking ice-cold water can have negative impacts on your long-term health. Let us find out if there is any truth to the beliefs surrounding the temperature of the water you drink.

Risks of Drinking Cold Water

Some studies conducted in the past have indicated the negative impact of drinking cold water. 

1. According to some studies, individuals with conditions affecting the food pipe, such as achalasia, should steer clear of cold water. Research shows that cold water consumption aggravates symptoms in those with achalasia, which is a condition that makes swallowing drinks and food difficult. On the other hand, warm water helps relax and soothe their food pipe, making swallowing easier.

2. A smaller study found that cold water thickened nasal mucus, making it more difficult for it to pass through the respiratory tract. For those suffering from flu or cold, drinking cold water could exacerbate congestion. 

3. A study involving 669 women indicated that some people may experience headaches after drinking cold water, particularly those with active migraine. 

Apart from these studies, some people also claim that the consumption of cold beverages can lead to a cold or sore throat, however, there is no scientific proof to support this belief.

Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

Studies indicating the benefits of drinking cold water include: 

1. According to some studies, drinking cold water while exercising may enhance endurance and performance. For instance, a study conducted on 45 physically fit men found that consuming cold water during a workout considerably slowed down the spike in core body temperature as compared to drinking room-temperature water. 

2. Another study suggested that consuming an ice-slush beverage is better for performance than neutral-temperature water.

Though some people believe that cold water can aid in weight loss, research indicates that drinking more water, in general, can only slightly increase calorie burning. Moreover, it has been found that drinking water instead of sugary beverages can benefit digestion and promote a healthy weight, regardless of its temperature. 

Cold Water Vs Warm Water

The temperature of the water you drink can impact your body in various ways. Drinking warm water can soothe your throat and help with digestion, while cold water can be refreshing in warm weather.

Further, research suggests that drinking warm water may temporarily improve circulation and help your body eliminate toxins faster. However, it's important to consider the impact of the water on rehydration and sweating levels. 

For instance, since we’re unable to drink too much warm water, it can be dangerous on hot days when the body loses water through sweat. On the other hand, we refrain from drinking cool or normal-temperature water during the winter season, increasing our likelihood of getting dehydrated. 

What Should Be The Temperature Of Your Water?

Experts believe staying hydrated is essential for your overall health, regardless of the temperature of the water. However, if one wishes to choose, room temperature water is considered apt to quench thirst and prevent dehydration. 

A similar conclusion was drawn in a small study, which was conducted on 6 dehydrated individuals who had done mild exercise in a hot and humid environment. The study found that water temperature affected how much water was consumed and how much the participants perspired. The optimal temperature for drinking water was 16°C (60.8°F), which is similar to the temperature of tap water. This was because, at this temperature, the participants drank more and sweated less. If you have more questions, ask the experts.

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