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Optimal Beverage Choices for Type 2 Diabetics

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on - 21 May 2024, Updated on - 24 May 2024

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Every sip counts when you're managing type 2 diabetes. It's not just the food on your plate but also the drinks in your glass that can impact your blood sugar levels. Let's unravel the myth around beverages and identify what are safe and tasty options for those living with diabetes.

Sugar-Free Doesn't Always Mean Diabetes-Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, sugar-free soft drinks aren't necessarily a healthy choice for diabetic individuals. They contain artificial sweeteners that can still cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. It is advisable to refrain entirely from indulging, Making water, unsweetened tea and coffee in moderation are better choices as primary drinks. 

Juice it Right: The Fruits to Choose

While whole fruits are always a better choice due to their fibre content, if you fancy a glass of juice, opt for non-starchy fruits like berries, apples, and oranges, keeping portion sizes and blood sugar levels in check. Vegetable juices, particularly from leafy greens, can be a good option too. However, avoid canned or packaged juices as they often contain added sugars.

Hydrating Alternatives: Infused Water & Herbal Teas

For times when plain water feels too mundane, try infused water - add slices of cucumber, lemon, or sprigs of mint to a jug of water and refrigerate for a few hours. Herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint can also be a refreshing change and have additional health benefits.

Diabetes management doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste or limit yourself only to water. There's an array of beverages you can enjoy without worrying about your blood sugar levels. However, moderation is key - keeping tabs on portion sizes, and blood sugar levels and learning which drinks suit your body the best are essential steps towards managing diabetes effectively.

Diabetes Management

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