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How To Make Your Gym Sessions Effective? Quit These 5 Bad Habits Now

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Are you worried that your workouts aren't producing the desired results? Do you want to learn the best way to make gymming more effective? Well, everyone knows about good gymming habits like staying hydrated and being consistent. However, some other habits can have a considerably negative impact on your workout sessions. Here’s a list of the top 5 bad habits you need to quit right away to make exercising highly effective. 

1. Eating just before the workout

Even if you go with the most nutritious and super-healthy pre-workout snack or meal, it’s a bad idea to eat anything just before your workout session. This is because if you do, your digestive system will also compete with the rest of the body for oxygen and blood, both of which are essential for repairing and building muscles. It’s advisable to eat a well-balanced meal 3 to 4 hours before your workout. 

2. Drinking soda and sugary beverages after a workout

It's understandable to want a cool soft drink after a strenuous, tiring workout. Due to the high content of sugar and caffeine in sodas and soft drinks, one can feel a kick of energy soon after consuming it. However, the latest research shows that it can result in dehydration and interfere with kidney function. This can delay the healing of sore and damaged muscles post-workout. 

3. Not getting enough sleep

It's common knowledge that getting 7-8 hours of sleep every day is essential for maintaining optimal health. Not getting enough sleep can make you tired, stressed, and irritable, while increasing your appetite. Therefore, staying up late at night can make you gain extra calories, despite all the work you are putting into staying fit. 

4. Always doing the same workout

We are the most comfortable when we have a routine. While it is tempting to perform your favourite exercises and target the same body parts every time, it may not be the best practice. If you do the same kind of exercise repeatedly, your body can get resistant to it, obstructing progress. It’s highly recommended to switch up your exercise routine every 4-6 weeks. 

5. Overexerting your body

There is a fine distinction between challenging yourself and overexerting yourself. Research indicates that carrying out strenuous workouts and not giving your body time to recover properly can result in fatigue, injury, and loss of muscle. For instance, it's advisable, to begin with, lightweight dumbbells during strength workouts and then move on to moderate-weight dumbbells in a controlled and slow manner. In essence, you should only increase the weight once you have become comfortable with the weights you are currently lifting. Similarly, if you haven't exercised in a few weeks or you newly started working out, it's important to slowly ease into the regimen to prevent injury. 

If you have any of the above-mentioned habits, it’s about time you ditch them to make the most out of your workout regimen. Furthermore, if you have any gym injury or need an expert opinion,

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Medically reviewed by Dr Sonia Bhatt.

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