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Sudden Blurry Vision? Here's What May be Causing it!

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on - 23 December 2022, Updated on - 13 March 2024

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Eyes speak a thousand words. But if they suddenly get blurry, they hint an equal many problems. Here are the top 7 causes of what may be causing you a sudden blurriness in vision and signs when you must consult a doctor immediately.

Top 7 Causes for Blurry Vision

While a constant blurriness is typically a cataract, a sudden blurriness may result from either- a problem with the cornea/ retina/ or optic nerves. In fact, at times it could simply be high BP or  something intangible such as anxiety. Let's discuss the top seven reasons in more detail

1. Detached Retina

The retina is the screen of the eye. When it tears or detaches from the eye's posterior part, it loses its nerve supply. This results in blurred vision; people may notice dark specks due to missing vision.

A detached retina is a medical emergency; if not treated in time, it can lead to loss of vision.

2. Stroke

An unexpected, sudden blurry vision can result from a brain stroke. If a stroke occurs in the part of the brain controlling your vision, you may experience sudden blurred vision or a loss of it.

Stroke is a health crisis and requires immediate medical care. Since a stroke affects two vital organs in the body, prompt treatment is needed to prevent further damage to them.

3. Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common reason for sudden blurry vision in one eye or sometimes both eyes. Prolonged screen time, using bright screens in low light, night driving or reading in dim light can strain your eyes, making them blurry.

To prevent eye strain and blurry vision, you must follow a 20-20-20 rule. According to this rule, for every 20 minutes of screen time, look at an object at least 20 metres away for a minimum of 20 seconds.

4. Corneal Abrasion

Another relatively common cause of blurry vision is a corneal abrasion. A scratch on the cornea or a foreign body feeling might cause blurring of vision.

Corneal abrasion heals in a day or two by itself. Ophthalmologists also prescribe lubricating eye drops to curtail infection and prevent inflammation and aggravation of discomfort.

5. High Blood Sugar Levels

People with diabetes often experience blurred vision, usually when there is a sudden spike in their blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels increase, it leads to swelling in the eye lens, which causes blurry vision.

People with diabetes need to control their blood sugar levels and report any symptoms of a sugar spike, like blurry eyes, to their doctor immediately.

6. Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes are one of the most common causes of blurred vision. Prolonged screen time, low humidity, increased use of fans, certain medications, and ageing can cause your eyes to dry out.

OTC eye drops for dry eyes can help resolve blurred vision.

7. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is one of the most common eye infections and can be caused due to bacteria, viruses or environmental pollutants. Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the white of the eye or cornea and can result in blurred vision.

The blurry eyes in conjunctivitis usually resolve by themselves. However, antibacterial or antiviral medications may be given for speedy recovery and to prevent its spread.

Important Takeaway!

Feeling slightly dizzy or blurry after a long day of work or a heavy workout is both common and normal. However, an emergency arises if this blurriness lasts longer than a few minutes or comes along with other symptoms, blackouts, or co-morbidities. In either case, consult an ER specialist or an ophthalmologist immediately. You may need immediate medical assistance.


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Frequently Answered Questions on Sudden Blurriness

1. What can cause blurring of vision?

There are several causes of blurred vision, such as dry eye syndrome, corneal abrasion, conjunctivitis and eye strain.

2. How do you get rid of blurry vision?

Rest and relaxation, lubricating the eyes, and avoiding allergens are quick and easy ways to relieve blurry vision.

3. Can high BP cause blurred vision?

Yes, people with diabetes and high BP are at an increased risk for damaged blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the retina. This may cause blurred vision.

4. Can anxiety cause your vision to blur?

Yes, stress and anxiety cause high levels of adrenaline in the body, which may build pressure on the eyes, causing blurred vision.

5. Can lack of sleep cause blurred vision?

Yes, lack of sleep can cause discomfort and dryness in the eyes. This may sometimes cause blurred vision, which usually resolves in getting good sleep.


Medically Reviewed by Dr. Dhanunjay Reddy B

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