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Mental Health

Psychological Wellbeing and Heart Health: Are They Inter-related?

In a recent statement published by the American Heart Association, it was concluded that sound psychological health can reduce the risk of developing heart diseases.

Mental Health

Reinforcing Mental Health: Expert Tips For Your Well-Being

Due to a lot of stigmas associated with mental health, the treatment is not accessible to the mass. Promoting behavioural and mental health therapy, starting a conversation, and sharing with others can help spread mental health awareness globally.

Mental Health

How to Care for Your Mental Health and Lead a Better Life

Every year, 10th October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day to raise awareness about mental illness and its effect on people’s lives worldwide.

Mental Health

Boomers Vs Gen Z: The Raging Debate On Mental Health

GenZ believes boomers have little or no understanding of the myriad mental pitfalls and vagaries that beset the path of the contemporary youth. But is it so?

Mental Health

When Should a Headache Worry You?

Though most headaches are not serious and can be managed at home, recurring headaches must be reported to a medical expert for further investigation.

Mental Health

New Treatment Options for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

There is no cure for OCD yet but medications, cognitive behavioural therapy, and new treatment modules can help reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life.


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Mental Health

Stressed Out In Every Situation? Here's How To Cope With The Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder is widespread among young adults today, but it can be treated with the right mix of therapy, medication, lifestyle, and support from loved ones. Do you suffer from situational anxiety? Read below the symptoms and how to cope with them to overcome anxiety.

Mental Health

Do You Unknowingly Delay Every Task? There’s A Surprising Reason Behind It!

Procrastination and impulsivity are found to be genetically related. As per research, these characteristics are connected to our capacity for successfully pursuing and juggling our goals.

Mental Health

Could My Mood Swings Be a Sign of Bipolar Disorder?

Occasional mood swings can affect anyone. However, regular and extreme mood swings can indicate a mental illness such as bipolar disorder.

Mental Health

Stop Taking Stress! It Only Increases Your Risk Of This Incurable Brain Disease!

Chronic stress can make you prone to Alzheimer’s disease. The article explains the correlation between the two conditions and suggests ways to reduce stress naturally.