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Sexual Wellness

Erectile Dysfunction Home Remedies: All You Need to Know!

Men with erectile dysfunction can find difficulty to maintain or unable to get erection. Because of this, couples who are trying to get pregnant can be difficult. Consult our doctors to know more about this condition.

Sexual Wellness

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

As new parents-to-be, couples generally refrain from sex during pregnancy basis the safety of their unborn child. Read on as we discuss this in detail, including when and when not to indulge, some benefits and cautions to keep in mind.

Sexual Wellness

7 Sexual Health Problems Men Must Know About

Read why men should pay heed to their sexual health to ensure overall wellbeing.

Sexual Wellness

Pain During Sex: Causes, Symptoms, and Home Remedies

Many women have painful intercourse at some point in their lives. Although the reasons differ, pain during sexual intercourse should not be ignored. This blog highlights causes, symptoms, treatment, and the red flags of pain during sex.

Sexual Wellness

Why Should You Pee After Sex?

Read to know how peeing after sexual intercourse can save you from infections.

Sexual Wellness

Can Diabetes Cause Sexual Dysfunction?

Diabetes is a major risk factor for sexual dysfunction in adults, because high blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels and nerves linked to sexual organs.


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Sexual Wellness

7 Sex-Related Myths Debunked! Do Away With The Disinformation

You cannot get STIs during the withdrawal method. That’s a myth! Read to know more about such sex-related myths that people believe.

Sexual Wellness

Sexual Health: Don’t be Shy to Talk About It

Prioritizing sexual health can enhance one’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It can also improve one’s intimate relationships and quality of life.