Dr. Rakesh Goud

Dr. Rakesh Goud

Ophthalmologist| 20 Yrs
Doctor Education
MBBS, MS (Opthal)
Apollo Clinic, Wanowrie,Pune
reg no
Registration Number
MMC 83789
English, Hindi, Marathi
About Dr. Rakesh Goud

Dr Rakesh Goud is an experienced ophthalmologist in Pune. He specialises in diagnosing and treating a broad range of eye conditions including cataracts, glaucoma and refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Dr Rakesh employs advanced diagnostic techniques to evaluate conditions accurately and develops customised treatment plans tailored to patients' requirements.

Dr Goud is also skilled in treating complex conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and corneal disorders. Visiting a specialist like Dr Goud is essential in these cases since early diagnosis can prevent irreversible vision loss. He also provides routine eye exams to help patients maintain good eye health.

As one of the best ophthalmologists in Pune, Dr Goud adopts a personalised approach to treatment, taking into account each patient's unique medical history, lifestyle and visual requirements. Treatment plans may involve medication or advanced therapies such as laser-assisted surgeries or implantation of intraocular lenses. In addition to his excellent clinical skills, Dr Rakesh believes that strong communication with patients is vital to their health outcomes. He offers a comfortable environment where patients can receive personalised attention.

Dr Rakesh Goud's 20 years of experience, combined with his compassionate care for his patients, makes him one of the top ophthalmologists in Pune. As he puts it himself, "I believe in treating all my patients as if they are members of my own family."

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Awards & Achievements
expertise in Cataract, Glaucome, Oculoplasty and other Anterior Segment Surgeries. Surgical proficiency in all subspecialties of Ophthalmology.
Professional Memberships
    • cataracts
    • glaucoma and refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism
    • diabetic retinopathy
    • age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
    • corneal disorders
    • laser-assisted surgeries
    • implantation of intraocular lenses
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      To book an online appointment with Dr Rakesh Goud, you can visit the app/website of Apollo 24/7, search for Dr Rakesh Goud name, and click on the ‘Consult’ button. Once you make the payment and confirm the consultation, your online appointment will be booked for the chosen appointment time.

      Dr Rakesh Goud offers online consultations on our web platform Apollo 24/7 and Apollo 24/7 App. Also, available for physical consultations at the following locations: Apollo Clinic, Wanowrie,Pune

      Dr Rakesh Goud is a Ophthalmologist with over 20 Yrs. years of experience and has the following qualifications -MBBS, MS (Opthal)

      Dr Rakesh Goud can speak English, Hindi, Marathi.

      How can I consult with Dr. Rakesh Goud:

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