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Book appointment for a trusted Paediatricians in Udaipur. Check doctor fees, available slots & locations. Apollo 24|7 features some of the top Paediatricians in Udaipur who have experience in treating conditions such as Constipation, Puberty, Nutrition and more. You can book online consultations & physical doctor appointments via Apollo 24|7. Compare Paediatricians fees, experience and more, find a specialist doctor near you. Apollo hospitals has a renowned Paediatrics department in Udaipur.

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Dr. Pawan Verma, Paediatrician in udaipur

Dr. Pawan Verma


13 YRS Exp.

MBBS,DNB (paediatrics)

Starts at ₹ 600


English, Hindi


Available at 4:30 AM

Pediatric Care in Udaipur  

Discover exceptional pediatric care in Udaipur, a vibrant renowned for its corporate parks and expanding infrastructure. With the Apollo 24|7 network, locating a top pediatrician in Udaipur is now just a click away. Whether you require routine check-ups or specialized attention for your child, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Trust us with your concerns, and we'll connect you with the best child specialist in Udaipur to ensure your little ones receive the care they deserve. 

Understanding Pediatricians 

Pediatricians are specialized medical professionals focusing on children's health, tasked with diagnosing and treating illnesses, injuries, and health issues among infants, children, and adolescents. They administer vaccinations, offer preventive health care advice, and play a pivotal role in ensuring your child's healthy development into adulthood. 

Access to Premier Care 

Udaipur boasts an impressive lineup of such specialists, blending experienced professionals with innovative healthcare facilities. From routine check-ups to managing complex health issues, these doctors provide Best care tailored to children's unique needs, easily accessible through Apollo 24|7. 

When to Consult a Pediatrician 

Parents in Udaipur prioritize their children's health and well-being. Consulting a good pediatrician in Udaipur promptly is essential if their health is compromised. Conditions such as fever, digestive issues, behavioral difficulties, frequent infections, and respiratory problems necessitate the expertise of pediatric specialists. 

Services Offered 

Pediatricians in Udaipur offer a range of services, including immunizations, developmental screenings, injury treatments, acute illness management, and chronic disease management, ensuring holistic care for your child's well-being. 

Consulting a Pediatrician 

Accessing the best pediatrician in Udaipur is effortless with the Apollo 24|7 app. Explore profiles, read reviews, and schedule appointments conveniently. Teleconsultations are also available, enabling you to connect with a doctor remotely before visiting in person. 

Role of Pediatricians in Healthcare 

Pediatricians play a crucial role in healthcare, diagnosing and treating conditions associated with childhood. They significantly contribute to preventive healthcare, improving quality of life through patient education and collaboration with other medical professionals. 

Your Child's Well-Being Matters 

Choosing the right pediatrician in Udaipur is pivotal for your child's health. Let Apollo 24|7 be your trusted guide on this journey, ensuring you're connected to the best pediatric care in Udaipur with care and precision. Trust us to navigate this path toward expert, compassionate care for your little ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does online consultation available with all Paediatricians in udaipur?

Yes, you can consult a Paediatrician online here at Apollo24|7. We have an excellent team of noted Paediatricians in udaipur . A video consultation is enough for a Paediatrician help you out with your problem concerning your Specialists to care and treat children.

You can book an online consultation either on Apollo24|7 website or mobile app 24/7 in two ways.1. Click 'Book Apollo Doctor Appointment' button on the website/app's homepage, select Paediatrician, or type the doctor's name directly. Once you select a doctor, you can click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation.2. You can also look for a doctor based on your symptoms; you may start by going to the website/app's homepage. Then click on the 'Symptoms Checker' tab, search for your symptoms, or select a few of them based on your health condition. Click 'Consult Doctor,' select a doctor and click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation.

The Paediatricians’ charges depend on their experience; You can join Apollo Circle and avail of discount benefits on consultations, medicines, and products.

Yes, you can consult a Paediatrician anytime in udaipur. You can either book a consultation in advance, i.e., at a specific time and date, or a few minutes before at your convenience.