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A full body test is one of the most recommended diagnostic evaluations. Doctors recommend a full body test to an individual to evaluate the status of their overall health and risk of disease. Chronic work stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can increase the chances of several diseases. 

Usually, people are not aware of the progression of disease in their bodies. This can be attributed to the fact that certain conditions take a long time to exhibit symptoms and become severe. A full body checkup allows individuals to detect a medical condition early on and prevent the likelihood of severe complications. 

A full body check-up report is often analysed alongside a patient’s current health status. Other factors that are taken into account for a comprehensive analysis include: 
●    Age
●    Gender
●    Genetics
●    Medical history
●    Lifestyle
●    Diet
●    Smoking and alcohol

By observing the complete profile of an individual, doctors recommend a course of treatment to improve a patient's health outcomes. 

A full body check-up comprises multiple tests for different organs and systems of the body. Some of the main tests that are included in a full-body test are: 
●    Blood Glucose test: Depending on the type of analysis required, patients will be required to fast for a certain period of time before the test. This assessment measures the glucose levels in the bloodstream of a person. 
●    Creatinine Serum analysis: This test is essential for monitoring the health and functioning of the kidneys. It helps experts understand how efficiently the kidneys filter the waste from the blood. 
●    Complete blood count: The test involves the evaluation of the number and volume of different components of blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, etc. 
●    TSH Serum test: The TSH test in Apollo's full body checkup determines the level of thyroid hormones. It examines the hyperactivity or under activity of thyroid glands to understand the reason behind chronic fatigue, unexplainable weight gain or weight loss, etc. 
●    Complete urine analysis: The test involves a thorough analysis of the content, concentration and appearance of urine. It helps in understanding the presence of kidney disease or urinary tract infections. 
●    Lipid profile: The test helps measure the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. It can help assess the risk of heart disease quickly. 
●    Liver function tests: These tests are performed to examine the liver and diagnose liver disease. The experts measure the availability of enzymes and proteins in the blood through these tests. 
●    Pulmonary function tests: The test involves the evaluation of lung volume, flow rate and capacity to assess the health and functioning of the respiratory system.

These tests are also essential if a patient has undergone a medical procedure and is currently recuperating. 
Apollo 24|7 offers comprehensive full-body tests with the help of expert lab technicians and healthcare professionals. The full-body checkup price is affordable and can help facilitate early-stage diagnosis of both acute and chronic medical conditions. Using the NABL-certified health platform, patients can promptly schedule a checkup without wasting hours standing in queues outside pathology labs.

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