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    If you feel sick every time you wear your favourite woollen sweater, you may suffer from a wool allergy. People allergic to wool are actually allergic to the material or ingredient used in the garment-making process. There is a natural oil called lanolin in wool that may cause discomfort when wearing clothes made from the material.

    Your risk for wool allergy also largely depends on your medical history, especially if you suffer from various allergies or asthma. Depending on your symptoms, your doctor may prescribe a wool allergy test.

    At Apollo 24|7, you can purchase a wool allergy test to diagnose your symptoms and get immediate treatment for your condition. 

    You must get yourself tested if you face any of these symptoms: 

    • A runny nose
    • Irritation in the skin 
    • Itchiness or redness 
    • Trouble breathing 
    • Watery eyes 
    • Coughing

      Wool allergy can also lead to major complications like:
    • Low blood pressure
    • Difficulty breathing 
    • Sinusitis
    • Asthma 
    • Narrowed airways
    • Ear and lung infections

      People allergic to wool should avoid wearing it altogether to prevent health complications. Alternately, you can also wear a thin underlayer to keep your skin from coming in direct contact with the fabric. 

    Make sure to avoid creams, lotions, or moisturisers that contain lanolin. This natural oil is found in many cosmetics and may cause harmful reactions to your skin. When your symptoms get worse or do not subside after taking antihistamine medications, it is best to consult your doctor and find a treatment plan. 

    Though wool allergy has no permanent cure, treatment medications can help subside the symptoms and provide relief to an aggravated reflex action. Never take medicines without consulting your doctor. You may also prevent these symptoms from getting worse by avoiding taking hot showers that may further irritate the skin. Subsequently, avoid scratching your skin since it may cause the rashes to get worse.

    Medically reviewed by Dr. Pooja Solanki, Dermatologists from Apollo Hospitals Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    Wool allergy symptoms include itchy skin, a runny nose, watery and irritated eyes, etc. You may also experience painful bumps that ooze fluid or dry skin that causes cracking and bleeding.
    There is a fine line of difference between wool allergy and wool sensitivity. Wool allergy is genetic, while wool sensitivity is not as clearly defined. When you have a genetic allergy, your body identifies the fabric as an unwanted external element. As a result, your reflexes react accordingly to fight back.
    If you are allergic to fabrics and suffer from wool allergy, you can wash your skin thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. It is essential to use a mild soap as some of the chemicals may worsen your allergic reactions. Alternately, you may apply a wet compress to the area to soothe the skin and reduce the itchiness and redness.
    Some temporary remedies can be incorporated to lower the symptoms of wool allergy. For example, avoid scratching and using items that may cause you to itch, moisturise your skin daily, and use soothing lotions, gels, creams, etc.
    No, there is no permanent cure for wool allergy. Since allergies are genetic, they can be treated with long-term medications like antihistamines and allergy shots to reduce symptoms. People who suffer from a wool allergy must avoid using products that contain wool. It is also better to avoid lanolin, a natural oil found in wool.
    It is best to consult your doctor if you feel the wool allergy symptoms are worsening. Failing to consult a doctor may result in your allergies becoming more severe over time.

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