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Also Known as Woman Package, Infertility Package, Hormone Package, Acne Package

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RECOMMENDED BY:Dr. Srikala Dodda Reddy

Specialises in Gynaecology

Test(s) Included (60)

  • expandBlood Studies (Anemia) (37)

  • expandDiabetes (1)

  • expandHeart (Cardiac) (2)

  • expandKidney (3)

  • expandVitamin (1)

  • expandLiver (10)

  • expandOthers (6)


*Conditional Tests: Testing of these is conditional depending on results of other tests


blood sample




Age group

7 years & above

Curated by Dr Srikala Dodda Reddy, Apollo Women's Health - Advance comprises tests such as CBC, random blood sugar, HbA1c, serum electrolytes, TSH, urea and creatinine, HBsAg, APTT, blood group, Rh type, LFT, vitamin D3, and CA 125. These tests can facilitate the diagnosis of most gynaecological conditions in women. The package is recommended for every woman aged 18 years and above.

Maintaining and monitoring vital health indicators is crucial for women as they age. A routine test might appear excessive and cumbersome, however they can add years to their lives. That’s why doctors recommend annual gynaecological assessments such as Apollo Women's Health - Advance Test to ensure timely diagnosis of potential ailments.

With Apollo Women's Health - Advance Test, doctors also keep an eye on existing diseases in females. Doing this enables the experts to manage the disorders before they turn severe and cause irreversible damage.

Some conditions affect women more severely and frequently than male. That's why specialists prescribe regular Women's advanced healthcare package assessment. The conditions and disorders that primarily disrupt the well-being of women include the following:

  • Gynecology disorders: Menstrual disorders, pelvic floor prolapse, PCOS, uterine fibroids, incontinence, etc. are some of the issues that can adversely affect the quality of life in the female population.
  • Pregnancy issues: The Apollo full health women's checkup ensures that women can have a safe and healthy pregnancy. The right assessment also leads to the health and well-being of even the newborn.  
  • Infertility diseases: The disorders like endometriosis and ovarian insufficiency can cause a patient to have multiple miscarriages. An evaluation through the Women's advanced healthcare package helps with the identification of hidden symptoms of such diseases. 
  • Other disorders: Turner syndrome, ovarian cancer, and Rett syndrome are the diseases that largely impact the female population. The patients struggling with these disorders are more prone to developing complications like heart disease in the future.

To get a complete picture of the current health of the female patient, doctors conduct a basic physical examination. After the preliminary diagnosis, they suggest taking Apollo Women's Health - Advance Test. The body checkup comprises the following to gauge the overall health:

  • Glucose tests involving glycated haemoglobin and estimated average glucose metrics assessed.
  • Complete blood count to analyze the haemoglobin, RBC, MCV, DLC, and more to examine the diseases affecting the blood health.
  • Vital organs assessment with heart, kidney, and liver tests to identify the complications or their likelihood.
  • Hepatitis screening with Australia antigen checkup to detect current infection along with previous contact with the virus.
  • Thyroid serum test to examine the functioning of critical bodily procedures like metabolism.
  • Vitamin D level diagnosis to prevent the chances of accidental fractures due to micronutrient insufficiency. 
  • Other examinations involving ABO and Rh factor assay

Generally, the fasting requirement in comprehensive women's health care examination by Apollo depends on the doctor's advice. That being said, the patients are supposed to refrain from consuming food items except for water.

Apollo 24|7 offers one of the most advanced test centres to examine the overall health of female patients with cutting-edge technology. For Apollo Women's Health-Advance Test, the patients can book an online appointment using the app or website. A lab technician will visit within the preferred hours of the patient to collect the samples. 

faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A few vital symptoms that patients must closely observe are as follows: Abdominal painAbnormal menstrual frequencyHeadachesA feeling of fullness in the abdominal region Excessive or too less bleeding during periods
Vitamin D is essential for regulating phosphate and calcium levels. With age, the levels of Vitamin D reduce, leading to higher chances of osteoporosis and eventual fractures. The healthy vitamin D levels for women are 20 ng/mL or above for healthy functioning of the whole body, including immune processes.
The frequency of the women's health checkups depends on the age of the patient. Individuals below the age of 30 must get themselves checked once a year. However, with age progression, the overall assessment needs to be done every six months to prevent severe complications.
Apollo offers the test results for women's health within 36 hours.
PCOS, or Polycystic ovary syndrome, is a condition that affects every 1 in 10 women. It impacts 4%-20% of women in their reproductive age across the globe leading to infertility.
The thyroid helps in the regulation of bodily processes, including blood flow, menstrual hormones, neurological development, and immune processes. Any dysfunction of the gland results in impacting puberty and menstruation in women.

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Why should Apollo be your preferred healthcare partner?

  • 40 Years of legacy and credibility in the healthcare industry.
  • NABL certified multi-channel digital healthcare platform.
  • Affordable diagnostic solutions with timely and accurate test results.
  • Up to 60% discount on Doorstep Diagnostic Tests, Home Sample Collection.
  • An inventory of over 100+ laboratories, spread across the country, operating out of 120+ cities with 1200+ collection centers, serving over 1800+ pin codes.

The information mentioned above is meant for educational purposes only and should not be taken as a substitute to your Physician’s advice. It is highly recommended that the customer consults with a qualified healthcare professional to interpret test results