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    BK virus, also called polyomavirus, is a virus that most people contract during childhood. The virus does not cause any problems for most people. It mostly gets transferred from one person to another during organ transplants. Most adults who have had a kidney transplant get affected by the BK virus. The virus does not cause problems until the body’s immune system weakens.

    Other than patients with a history of organ transplants, the BK virus may appear with old age or any kidney related disorders. Health conditions like HIV and Diabetes can also weaken your body's immune system and increase your risk for infection.

    BK virus spreads if you come in contact with infected blood or bodily fluids like saliva. The primary symptoms of the BK virus are respiratory infection or fever. The symptoms may or may not appear in the case of a mild infection.

    Common symptoms of the BK virus that one should look for include:

    • Discomfort upon urination
    • Difficulty urinating or the urge to urinate more frequently than usual
    • Blurred vision or sudden change in vision
    • Changes in the colour of your urine (red or brown urine)
    • Cough, colds, or breathing issues
    • Fever, aching muscles, or weakness
    • Seizures

    While the symptoms of a mild BK virus may disappear on their own without any treatment, the virus can cause serious health problems if your body’s immunity system weakens. If left untreated, it can slowly spread via blood and settle in your kidney. Doctors advise getting tested for the virus if you notice any symptoms.

    BK virus PCR Quantitative Test can help to detect the virus in your body. The test is required to identify and measure the BK virus in urine or blood.

    The test collects blood and urine samples. Blood is drawn via venipuncture, typically from the arm. The urine test is performed first when both blood and urine samples are submitted for analysis. The blood test is cancelled if the urine test results are negative.

    Since the test consists of collecting a blood sample, patients need to fast for 10-12 hours before the test.

    The BK virus test is available at Apollo 24|7. You can expect the test report within 13 days. It consists of two tests under the BK virus PCR Quantitative Test-

    • Bk Viral DNA Quantitative PCR: This detects the virus.
    • Type Of Specimen: This quantifies the virus in the blood.

    After the BK virus PCR Quantitative Test, the doctor can also advise checking your kidneys' functioning. A kidney biopsy is done to check if your kidney is affected by the virus.

    The test can help in monitoring nephropathy in transplant patients. The BK virus causes a progressive kidney transplant injury in most kidney transplant patients. Once the virus is detected, the condition can take two to three weeks to resolve.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    A mild BK virus infection may go away on its own. Your doctor may recommend medicine if the symptoms are noticeable. It is possible to utilise medications to lessen pain, boost your immune system, or eradicate the BK virus. Other than medication, the doctor may recommend the following course of treatment: Bladder irrigation is used to clean your bladder and facilitate urination Your bladder can be flushed by hyperhydration using liquids for drinking or through an IV
    Most children get the BK virus at 3-4. Adults also get infected as they age. Overall, it is a common infection that shows very mild symptoms in healthy children and adults.
    The BK virus, PCR, Quantitative test does not require any preparatory steps. However, you must fast for 10-12 hours before the test. Also, inform your doctor about any medication you are currently on.
    The virus gets transmitted when receiving an organ transplant or giving birth, from one person to another or from a mother to her child. The BK virus may also spread if you come in contact with contaminated blood or bodily fluids, such as saliva.
    If you show symptoms like change in vision, pain while urinating, change in the colour of urine, or fever, you should get tested for the virus. The BK virus, PCR, Quantitative Test help to detect the virus in the body. BK virus is detectable in serum (blood sample) or urine specimen.
    BK virus infection is not fatal. There are very few instances where patients have reportedly died from the virus. It is mostly associated with nephropathy.

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