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    Brucellosis is a bacterial infectious disease that can quickly spread from animals to humans. It is caused by a bacteria called Brucella, which is commonly found in cows. You can catch this infection from other pet animals like dogs, sheep, goats, camels, and pigs. So, people looking after farms are more likely to get infected by this bacteria.

    This infection is incurable among animals. This makes it difficult to control the disease as new strains of this bacteria emerge frequently. If a test for brucellosis is not taken, the condition can threaten the community.

    The mode of transmission for this infection is by coming in contact with cattle or consuming an animal product infected with the bacteria. Furthermore, it may spread from one person to the other. Besides, breastfeeding mothers can pass on the infection to their infants. This infection can also be sexually transmitted through unprotected intercourse.

    Some other circumstances to go for a brucella antibody agglutination test include:

    • Suffering a cut or scratch on the skin
    • Breathing contaminated air
    • Consuming undercooked meat
    • Drinking unpasteurised milk
    • A recent history of dog bite
    • Eating unpasteurised cheese
    • Working or visiting a slaughterhouse
    • Having close associations with a farm

    Apollo 24|7 offers a detailed panel test for brucellosis to detect the infection at an early stage and start the treatment. Some symptoms to observe before going for the Brucella antibody test are:

    • Occurrence of fever
    • Constant back pain and muscle pain
    • Chronic body pain that becomes severe at some point
    • Sharp headache with dizziness
    • Night sweat
    • Abdominal pain
    • Muscle weakness with difficulty in moving
    • Chronic cough with slight difficulty in breathing

    A Brucella antibody agglutination test is essential because the symptoms appear only after 30 days of infection.

    However, the severity of the infection not only depends on the type of bacteria but also on your immune system. Thus, if you are taking immunosuppressive medicine, you are more likely to face severe symptoms.

    Furthermore, different strains of bacteria cause different types of symptoms. While opting for a Brucella antibody test, you can keep the following strains and their complications in mind:

    B. abortus: This strain causes a chronic infection, but the symptoms are mild to moderate. 
    B. canis: Infection from this strain typically transmits from canines like dogs or cats. However, people infected with this strain might have diarrhoea and frequent vomiting.
    B suis: It is a strain that causes distinct abscesses in different organs. 
    B. melitensis: This is one of the most dangerous strains that cause sudden and severe symptoms. In some cases, the person may also lose the ability to move.

    Additionally, you must observe the signs in the body and order a test for brucellosis because bacteria quickly develop a new strain. The newer strains may or may not have antibiotic resistance genes. Thus, a little ignorance can cause severe complications making conventional therapy ineffective.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    If you have a pet, opting for a Brucella antibody agglutination test would be safe. You can also observe the symptoms in your pet and get them tested first.
    A test for brucellosis is an affirmative step to diagnose the condition, quantify the infection, and start the treatment. However, before this, your physician may check for the following symptoms in your body: Swelling in the liver and spleen Unexplained swelling in lymph nodes Frequent fever despite taking precautions Soreness in the joint with a sharp pain Rashes on various parts of the body
    You can certainly discuss with your physician and start an antibiotic treatment if your Brucella antibody test shows a positive result. However, it is essential to remember that you must complete the course for the antibiotic treatment to avoid a relapse of the infection. Furthermore, the bacteria develop resistance to the antibiotic if you follow the treatment partially.
    In severe cases, the infection might reach the central nervous system, cause liver abscesses, and infect the lining of the heart or valves. Also, you can avoid such severe infections by observing chronic symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, and fever after primary infection.
    It is safe to take the test and rule out the possibility of the infection during pregnancy. This is because, in severe cases, the infection may lead to miscarriage or congenital disabilities in the baby.

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