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    Brucellosis is a bacterial infection caused by Brucella. It is a zoonotic infection because it spreads from animals to humans. These bacteria have different strains found in cows, pigs, sheep, goats, camels, and dogs. A brucella antibody test is necessary because many people maintain cattle at animal husbandry farms.

    The infection can also spread when a person comes in contact with an infected animal or consumes products from an animal infected with the bacteria. It is rare to see brucella spreading from human to human, except for breastfeeding mothers with brucellosis. In the latter case, they may pass on the bacteria to their babies. However, the bacteria can also spread through sexual contact.

    A brucella IgG and IgM test look for antibodies produced in the body against the bacterial invasion. People who should ideally take the brucellosis test if he or she:

    • owns a cattle farm or is in close contact with cattle
    • has received a cut or scratch on the skin while being in contact with animals
    • has a pet who is not appropriately vaccinated for brucellosis
    • consumes animal products regularly 
    • breathes contaminated air in an area where cattle resides 
    • owns animal husbandry farms or poultry farms
    • works in meat-processing plants or slaughterhouses
    • has travelled to places where brucellosis is common
    • eats gourmet cheese, pure unpasteurised cheese, and village cheeses
    • engages in fancy animal hunting and animal interaction
    • interacts and deals with animals daily

    Brucella antibody test is necessary for anybody who comes in contact with animals daily. Even though symptoms are similar to the flu, it is essential to take Brucella IgG and IgM tests to confirm or rule out the condition.

    Apollo 24|7 offers a discrete panel for the Brucella antibody test that detects both types of antibodies. Below are the symptoms of brucellosis that could be an indication of taking a brucella antibody test:

    • Fever with a rise in temperature during afternoons
    • Severe back pain and body pain in several joints
    • Unexplained weight loss and poor appetite
    • Headache and night sweats
    • Abdominal pain 
    • Repetitive cough
    • Weakness in muscles

    An early brucellosis test allows for starting the medication on time because the apparent symptoms may appear after 30 days of contacting the bacteria. Moreover, there are a few strains that might lead to long-lasting complications. Hence, it is necessary to get the brucella IgG and IgM tests done on time.

    An antibody or immunoglobulin test involves IgG and IgM antibodies produced against the bacterial invasion. The technique used for detecting these antibodies is the ELISA technique.

    Medically reviewed by Dr. Ravikiran Barigala, Infectious disease, Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    If your dog get vaccines properly, you may not be vulnerable to the disease. However, if your dog has not received proper vaccinations and deworming medication, you might have to be careful and notice the symptoms. You can take a brucella antibody test if you have any minor signs.
    Due to common symptoms, it is challenging to diagnose brucellosis, and the complications increase with time. However, when there is a rapid increase in the temperature and an unexplained weakness in the body, you can go for a brucellosis test. If you feel that you might have interacted with an animal that might be infected, a test will help you in confirming the doubt.
    If you fail to get the brucellosis test on time, you might suffer from severe complications like: Inflammation in the lining of the heart  Arthritis with severe inflammation in joints Infection in testicles  Invasion of bacteria in the spleen Infections and ailments related to the nervous system
    Some of the ways by which you can reduce the risk of brucellosis are: Avoiding animal foods from suspected animals and unverified farms Taking the brucella antibody test immediately after the onset of symptoms Proper cooking of meat and other animal products Maintaining a precautionary physical barrier like gloves and mask while interacting with animals Vaccinate the domestic animals around you
    The vaccine for brucellosis is available for cattle and pets, but no licensed vaccine exists for humans so far. However, there are antibiotic medications for managing the disease and assisting the patient in recovering from brucellosis.
    The mortality rate of brucellosis is as low as 2%, and death occurs only during severe and complicated cases.

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