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    Coombs’ test is a blood test and is one of the tests done to diagnose anaemia. There are two types of Coombs’ tests: direct and indirect. The direct Coombs test or direct antiglobulin test (DAT) is used to trace antibodies that act against the surface of red blood cells. The presence of these types of antibodies denotes a condition known as hemolytic anaemia. The direct antiglobulin test is used to identify hemolytic anaemia. The indirect Coombs’ test is only for testing blood before going for a transfusion and prenatal testing of pregnant women.

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    The Direct Coombs test is a blood test that helps to detect the antibodies in the blood that sometimes mistakenly attacks the body?s healthy cells instead and ruin their red blood cells. The Direct Coombs test help to check blood for antibodies that attack red blood cells.
    The Indirect Coombs Test is a laboratory procedure, which is also known as the Indirect Antiglobulin Test (IAT). This test helps determine the compatibility for blood transfusion, Rh incompatibility between a pregnant woman and child. This test is commonly used to determine if you have any reaction to a blood transfusion.
    There is only a slight risk involved while taking the blood for the test. Veins and arteries vary in sizes from person to person. Some people face more difficulty while taking blood than others. They may experience light-headedness, multiple punctures to locate veins for blood, hematoma, and excessive bleeding after drawing the blood.

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