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    Your body is composed of various cells and tissues. One of the most popular ones in your body is T cells. These units are crucial to fighting different diseases. Mainly, T cells boost your immune function and fight against viral infections.

    However, in conditions like leukaemia, you might need a proper CD3 Pan T Cells assessment to diagnose the possibility of immunodeficiency. Here are some of the well-known symptoms that may require analysis of Pan T Cell markers:

    • Frequent infections
    • Slow recovery from diseases
    • Regular parasitic infections
    • Recurrent fungal infections
    • Severe illness from common bacteria or viruses

    All these conditions can lead to the requirement of a CD3 count. This count is vital for the classification of leukaemia and malignant lymphomas. Your doctor can recommend a CD3 Pan T-Cell Marker test to detect other diseases as follows:

    • Coeliac disease
    • Collagenous colitis
    • Lymphocytic colitis

    The CD3 Leukaemia Cell Marker is useful in detecting multiple myeloma. In this condition, cancerous plasma cells in your blood produce abnormal proteins, thereby causing unwanted complications. Hence, early diagnosis of CD3 protein marker is essential.

    To detect the quantity of CD3 Pan T Cells, it is vital to undergo a simple blood test. The CD3 Pan T-Cell Marker test focuses on determining the following two aspects:

    • Low T Cell Count
    • High T Cell Count

    The count of this T cell receptor helps identify the possibility of active illnesses. For instance, a low T cell count implies the presence of leukaemia, influenza, HIV, or Hodgkin’s disease. On the other hand, a higher-than-normal CD3 count can result from multiple myeloma, acute lymphocytic leukaemia, or autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome.

    Notably, the testing process is straightforward. The lab technician will draw out a blood sample from your vein to assess the Pan T Cell markers count. The unit for measurement of the CD3 count is cells per cubic millimetre of blood (cells/mm3). So, the normal range of CD3 Pan T-Cell Marker test results is generally in the range of 500 to 1,600 cells/mm3.

    Apollo 24|7 has a special CD3 Leukaemia Cell Marker test to detect the T cell count. You can undergo the blood test and get results at reasonable rates. The general duration to expect your Pan T Cell markers results is around three days. However, it is crucial to let your lab technician know about any over-the-counter drugs or medications before undergoing the test.

    Also, you should inform the lab professional about any herbal supplements. Your T cell count can also differ due to immunosuppressive drugs, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy medicines. So, ensure all these pointers before undergoing the CD3 protein marker test. 

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    The T cells in your body can increase due to amino acids in proteins. Hence, foods rich in proteins like meat, eggs, poultry, beans, and nuts can improve T cell levels. These foods can boost your immune system after moderate and balanced consumption.
    Regular exercise leads to an enhancement in cellular functions. In addition, a workout can lead to an improvement in T-cell proliferation and vaccine responses. Hence, these effects can lead to a healthy immune system along with a healthy Pan T Cell markers count.
    A CD3 marker is essential to our body’s immune system response. It is associated with the T cell receptor and plays a crucial role in activating the T cells. The family of these proteins are also helpful in measuring the efficiency of your body’s immune response to infections.
    If you notice signs like fever, night sweats, itchy skin, and weight loss, it may signify T-cell lymphoma. Although these signs are common for most diseases, proper testing can help establish scientific results. For this purpose, consult your doctor and opt for a T cell test as per recommendation.
    Fruits like oranges, blueberries, grapefruit, pears, and apples are beneficial for your immune system. These items consist of essential vitamins that boost cells and tissues, contributing to healthy immune system response.
    The T cells in your body have classification as effector, cytotoxic, regulatory, and memory cells. Notably, the response of each cell type can help doctors learn about the body’s response to a disease. Health experts can also create vaccines and medicines based on research and results of the T cell receptor.

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