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    A rare blood disorder known as paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH) occurs due to genetic mutations or inheritance. PNH falls under the category of both genetic and autoimmune disorders. As a result of this condition, your immune system starts attacking the RBCs in your system and breaks them down.

    The main reason behind the breakdown of RBCs is the lack of a protein, which acts as a protective barrier to avoid this destruction. A PNH marker test is crucial because this disorder can take place at any age. So, it is safer to be aware of systemic behaviour and take preventive measures.

    A PNH quantification test is necessary because there is no specific symptom for this type of haemoglobinuria. It affects every patient differently depending on the exceptions in their respective systems. While some patients may have minor symptoms, others might suffer from severe ones. PNH may also affect the WBCs and platelets that fight infections and blood clotting, apart from RBCs.

    A PNH marker test helps in the early diagnosis of the condition because nearly 30% of people are prone to this rare disorder. It is an acquired disorder due to a variant of the PIGA gene. The surface proteins on RBC are absent, making it hard for your immune system to recognise its blood components. Hence, haemolysis is a common symptom of PNH that might have adverse effects on the body.

    A PNH marker test helps diagnose the condition and classify the type of PNH in each person. Furthermore, the CD55 test helps in understanding the disease's progression and monitors the treatment's effect.

    A CD55 test is a sensitive method to detect PNH in an individual. The technique is known as flow cytometry and detects the rare clones of PNH.

    As far as symptoms are concerned, many people opt for a PNH quantification test at a later stage due to common symptoms. Here are some symptoms that you can observe before undergoing a CD55 test:

    • Dark coloured urine due to the presence of haemoglobin, bin especially the in early morning
    • Anaemia due to premature haemolysis
    • Blood clotting in veins
    • Pale or yellowish skin
    • Easily noticeable bruises on the skin
    • Breathlessness, fatigue, and muscle pain
    • Frequent headaches with seizures in rare cases
    • Difficulty in swallowing the food
    • Consistent pain the in the belly
    • Erectile dysfunction in men due to lack of proper blood supply throughout the body
    • Tingling sensation in toes and feet
    • Painful swelling near some veins due to blood clot
    • Sore or swollen limbs due to lack of proper oxygen supply and blood supply
    • Ulcers and bleeding the in stomach

    Apollo 24|7 offers a CD55 test that requires a peripheral blood sample and quickly identifies the lack of GPI-linked antigens in the blood. This test is available for ₹ 1980 with the results delivered to you within 72 hours. 

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    Although PNH arises due to a gene variant, you cannot inherit it from your parents or pass it on to your progeny. The CD55 test only quantifies and classifies the condition and does not provide any genetic analysis about the origins of the condition.
    You can go for a PNH test by observing your urine colour, digestive issues, and symptoms related to anaemia. Since haemolysis causes common symptoms, concluding anything without undergoing a PNH test is difficult.
    Your specialist may prescribe folic acid and iron supplements to improve RBC production in your body. Also, a monoclonal antibody treatment will help in preventing haemolysis. In severe cases, doctors also suggest frequent blood transfusions to prevent complications arising due to anaemia.
    Since PNH patients don’t have the genetic inheritance of the disease, an individual with a history of aplastic anaemia might be vulnerable to this condition. The latter is anaemia, which affects the bone marrow and leads to low RBC counts.
    Even though the disease is genetically acquired, here are some ways to stay safe from PNH: Eating a diet rich in iron and folic acid Exercising regularly and being proactive in physical work Maintain proper hygiene to avoid infections that might make your immune system weak Seek regular consultations from your doctor Go for a PNH test whenever you are in doubt

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