Kappa Free Light Chains

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    Kappa Free Light Chains Test is a diagnostic test that measures specific proteins in your blood. Elevated levels of these proteins may indicate a plasma cell disorder.

    The plasma cells in the body produce a protein called light chains. When these light chains connect with other proteins like heavy chains, they produce immunoglobulins, which protect you from infections and diseases. There are two types of free light chains — lambda and kappa light chains. Both these light chains can be present in the blood. However, if the free light chain level in the blood is beyond the normal level, you might have a plasma cell disorder. These disorders include multiple myeloma, amyloidosis, solitary plasmacytoma, and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.

    Following are some plasma disorder symptoms:

    • Extreme tiredness and fatigue 
    • Bone pain 
    • Anaemia  
    • Complications in the kidney 
    • Swollen tongue 
    • Numbness in the arms and legs 
    • Skin problems such as rashes or purple spots 
    • Hypercalcemia (excessive calcium in the blood)

    You must visit your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. However, the symptoms might vary slightly depending upon the plasma cell disorder. You may also experience problems in your kidneys, heart, immune system and bone marrow. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo an examination to detect the exact plasma cell disease.

    The Kappa Free Light Chains Test is conducted to identify the plasma cell complication in the body and analyse the symptoms. This test helps examine the levels of specific proteins in the blood, especially the kappa free light chain. Abnormally high levels of the kappa free light chain might indicate the presence of a plasma cell disorder.

    The Kappa Free Light Chains Test is a simple examination where the doctor tests your blood sample. Furthermore, they might also instruct you to opt for another test called the immunofixation blood test, according to your condition.

    Apollo 24|7 offers a comprehensive Kappa Free Light Chains Test to detect plasma cell disorder in patients.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    During the Kappa Free Light Chains Test, the doctor draws blood from your arm's vein using a needle. The blood sample is then collected in a tube and sent further to the lab to analyse the kappa light chain levels.
    The Kappa Free Light Chains Test determines the levels of Kappa free light chains in your blood. If the kappa light chain levels are beyond 3.3 to 19.4 milligrams per litre, you might have some plasma cell disorder. Moreover, the test results can also help doctors analyse if you have chronic inflammation or immune system complications.
    No, there are no risks associated with this test. However, you might experience slight pain or bruise during the blood sample collection.
    There are no specific dietary restrictions for the Kappa Light Chain Levels test. However, the doctor may instruct you to avoid eating certain foods or beverages before the test. Also, you might have to stop taking specific medicines before the test.
    There are no specific ways to prevent plasma cell disorders. If you are under treatment, you need to follow the doctor's instructions and undergo processes like chemotherapy and immunotherapy. These might address the plasma disorder symptoms and reduce the complications.
    If left untreated, these plasma disorders can lead to severe complications and even cancer when the cells become malignant. Prompt medical supervision can allow the doctor to begin cancer diagnosis treatment.

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