Multiple Myeloma Panel By Flow Cytometery

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    Multiple myeloma is a cancer that occurs in white blood cells. It happens when plasma cells become cancerous and grow out of control in the bone marrow. This does not allow the healthy plasma cells to function properly.

    To detect the number of cancerous cells in the bone marrow, a flow cytometry test is conducted. It is a very straightforward test that produces excellent results.  

    The Flow Cytometry Test - Overview

    The primary objective of the flow cytometry test is to address multiple myeloma and other conditions.

    Multiple myeloma is a cancer that affects your plasma cells. These cells are present in the bone marrow and reproduce quickly due to cancer. Slowly, this reproduction takes over the healthy cells in the bone marrow. 

    These harmful cells create abnormal proteins and atypical antibodies that cause kidney damage and severe health issues. 
    Multiple myeloma has some common symptoms. These include weakness, weight loss, frequent urination, bone pain, and fever. 

    It is diagnosed using imaging tests, flow cytometry, and bone marrow biopsy. The flow cytometry test is used to examine the severity of cancer and the possibility of its recurrence. The procedure allows the doctor to understand if the cells are cancerous or non-cancerous. 

    Why Should You Get Tested?

    The primary cause of undergoing the flow cytometry test is to analyse the presence of cancerous cells. 

    While treating multiple myeloma, the test plays a vital role in enabling the doctor to understand if your body contains myeloma cells. It also tells them about the spread of the cancerous cells.

    The flow cytometry test measures the amount of DNA in the cancerous cells and the rate at which they are increasing.

    Medically reviewed by Dr. S K Sahoo, Senior Consultant, General Physican/Internal MedicineApollo Hospitals Sector 26, Noida.

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