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    The Rubella IgM antibodies test is a diagnostic test for detecting Rubella in an individual. Rubella is a viral infection that is contagious in nature. The condition is synonymous with a distinctive red rash on the body. Usually, this condition poses no severe threat on its own. However, it is fatal for pregnant women and may lead to a host of congenital disabilities in the child.

    This viral infection is uncommon in many parts of the world due to the presence of a measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. It is standard for children in multiple countries. However, it might be passed from an unvaccinated mother to a child.

    Since it is contagious in nature, Rubella commonly spreads through the coughing or sneezing of an infected person. In fact, a patient who has recently contracted the infection is contagious for about a week before the rash appears. He is also infectious for the same period after the rash disappears. Due to this, it may not be easy to gauge when the infection struck.

    The Rubella IgM antibody test solves this problem by testing for IgM antibodies in the blood that may point toward Rubella. When the immune system recognises a foreign particle as a threat, it releases antibodies to neutralise this threat. The IgM antibodies are the first ones released and last for about one to two weeks. Hence, detecting these antibodies in the blood may help detect a recent Rubella infection.

    It is a standard blood test in which the clinical lab assistant draws blood from the vein in the arm, usually at the bend of the elbow. The technician sends this blood for further analysis to determine if the blood consists of IgM antibodies. To ensure that the test poses no side effects, it is vital to be upfront about previous and existing medication with the doctor.

    If the results show low IgM antibodies in the blood, it is possible that the patient does not have the Rubella infection. However, high IgM antibodies may require further testing to confirm the diagnosis of the viral infection.

    Apollo 24/7 offers a comprehensive Rubella IgM antibodies test to confirm the diagnosis of Rubella infection. Some of the symptoms that may occur during this infection are:

    • A low-grade fever
    • Cough
    • Headache
    • Swollen and enlarged lymph nodes
    • General discomfort
    • Mild pink eye 
    • Runny nose

    If one or more of these symptoms occur, along with a characteristic rash, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately. This is mainly for pregnant women since Rubella infections may target the foetus and lead to congenital disabilities.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Rubella is a viral infection characterised by the formation of a red rash. The Rubella IgM antibodies test can be used to detect viral infection and help the doctor prepare a plan. It is a simple blood test where your blood sample is analysed for IgM antibodies. If these antibodies are high in number, you might likely suffer from a Rubella infection.
    Usually, the Rubella infection is synonymous with common symptoms like cough and runny nose in a patient. However, Rubella in pregnant women can be fatal for the child. It could lead a congenital rubella syndrome, with symptoms like: Growth delays Cataracts Deafness Development problems in the heart and other organs Problem with mental development and learning
    Yes, Rubella is a viral infection that already has a vaccine named the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. However, every country does not offer this vaccine, so Rubella infections are seen worldwide. A Rubella IgM antibodies test can assist in detecting this infection and help the doctor devise a treatment plan.
    The Rubella IgM antibodies test is a standard blood test usually associated with little to no risk. The only possible complication is the emergence of slight bruising at the spot where the lab technician draws blood. This mark fades away on its own without any medical attention.
    Measles and Rubella are two infections associated with similar symptoms and a distinctive red rash. However, they differ vastly in the way in which they are transmitted and the treatment employed.
    The duration of the results may differ according to the lab where you take the test. However, most labs will have your report ready within a period of 36 hours.

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