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    Parasitic infections can lead to diseases that hamper your daily routine. Toxoplasmosis is one such condition that is caused by a common parasite known as T gondii. Generally, this health condition gives rise to symptoms resembling common flu. The following groups are most likely to develop complications due to toxoplasmosis:

    • People who have weak immune systems
    • Infants born from a mother with Toxoplasma gondii infection

    Hence, a toxoplasmosis blood test becomes crucial to avoid any health complications. This testing is necessary for pregnant women to assess the possible transmission of mother-to-child infection.

    Here are the common reasons that can cause toxoplasma gondii infection:

    • Consumption of infected meat
    • Drinking contaminated water
    • Using contaminated utensils
    • Exposure to T gondii while handling a cat’s litter

    Individuals with a weak immune system can face severe complications like brain damage. In addition, toxoplasma gondii parasitic infection can lead to stillbirth or other birth-related defects.

    In response to the parasitic infection, your body produces immunoglobulin G antibodies (IgG antibodies). The toxoplasma IgG antibodies test focuses on the detection of these blood proteins. If the results identify the presence of IgG antibodies, it implies you have a past or active toxoplasmosis infection. Hence, if you notice the following symptoms, it is vital to opt for a toxoplasmosis blood test:

    • Fatigue
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • Fever
    • Headache

    As these symptoms are similar to body flu, you should look for potential parasite exposure. Consult your doctor if you consumed meat or handled cat litter before facing the symptoms.

    If your doctor suspects possible toxoplasma gondii infection, it is crucial to undergo evaluation for IgG antibodies.

    Usually, the blood testing process is straightforward. An expert lab technician will use a sterilised needle to draw blood from your arm. You can face mild discomfort during this process. Here are other risks associated with the toxoplasmosis blood test:

    • Dizziness
    • Excessive bleeding
    • Hematoma

    It is crucial to realise that the chances of such side effects are quite rare. After testing, a toxoplasma IgG positive result will indicate the presence of antibodies in your bloodstream. As a result, your doctor will recommend suitable treatment to cure the condition.

    Drugs like pyrimethamine and clindamycin are popular treatment options for this parasitic infection. If you are a pregnant woman, early detection of this disease is very important for your baby's health. It would be beneficial for you if you chose a reliable testing agency for quick assessment. Apollo 24|7 has a toxoplasma IgG antibodies test service. The testing is available at affordable rates, and you can expect the reports within 36 hours in most cases.

    Be sure to visit your physician to know more about information like toxoplasma normal range and subsequent treatment. A timely diagnosis of the condition will be helpful in avoiding further complications.

    Medically reviewed by Dr. Ravikiran Barigala, Infectious disease, Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    The normal range of IgG antibodies in a person’s body is 4 to 8 IU/ml. In this measurement, IU/ml stands for international units per millilitre. Some test results can still indicate the presence of IgG in your blood after you recover from the infection.
    In most cases, the parasitic infection will ease on its own without requiring significant treatment. However, the parasite can even stay in the body for a lifetime. A strong immune system will always restrain the parasite from causing illness.
    In most cases, you cannot get the parasitic infection more than once. Your body develops sufficient immunity against the disease after the first occurrence. It is still crucial to follow simple tips like eating well-cooked meat and following general safety precautions to prevent such a condition.
    You can prevent this parasitic disease by avoiding the consumption of untreated water. In addition, always wear gloves during gardening or handling cat litter. Remember to wash your hands with high-quality soap after handling soil and grass in the garden.
    In most cases, the inactive parasite can become active and cause issues like blurred vision and eye pain. If you do not treat the condition, permanent damage to your vision is possible. Hence, it is necessary to take timely treatment to avoid such complications.
    This parasitic infection can cause cysts and damage to your brain. In addition, it can cause retinal issues and negatively affect your vision. So, to prevent these issues, it is vital to test for the presence of antibodies and initiate timely treatment.

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